Yes, Link’s Improved “Fast Travel” In Skyward Sword HD Really Does Seem To Be Locked Behind An amiibo – Nintendo Life

Ok people, i’m about to lay down this nice and simple for you, yall keep defending nintendo, and there BS, fine, but people like you is the reason this will keep happening, and you can think that nintendo’s idea to do that is ok, but when you go bashing people that disagree with you, over the head, now I have a problem.

You an show your thoughts, without getting nasty about it,
There should be no reason you should call somebody a idiot over what they think, And if we were, I would say 2% have the people that defend nintendo, have something wrong with them, oh but you don’t want to hear that, so don’t go ahead and do it to others
Just bc you feel your actions were justified, bc news flash, its not!

Lets get to the real meat now, shall we? When people are getting mad about the amiibo, there getting mad about three things.

1. the fact nintendo would lock such a good feature behind, a pay wall, that would not only make the game better, but would get more people that once hated the game, like it a little more, I know for a fact I would totally be buying the game, over just that one extremely helpful feature.

2. People were already not happy about that but you know whatever, amiibo are pretty cheap for the most part, so not only if you would miss them (And I mean what scalper wont) You were going to have to play more, but then, just bc you know for a damn fact that people wanted this feature, they put it behind a 25$ pay wall??? its the same damn amiibo, made like any other, so why is it 25$, cuz they know you will buy it for that quality of life change, and that is a really, really, realllly scummy move.

3. and three, The damn thing is sold out anyway, just like I said, you would have to pay more for this thing anyway, and guess what, if you didn’t think the scalp prices were high?? they can amp it up even more, and its justifiable, the thing was already 25$ so make it it extra wouldn’t be that hard, scalp prices was going to go up to 60$ most of the time anyway, but scalpers oh ho ho, they now the value, they now how mad people are, and there is no way in hell, there not going to use that.

hopefully this comment of mine showed you the so called “complainer’s” point of view, and if it didn’t the you just wasted your time. (Not saying you have to agree, just see are point of view, two different things)

Oh and sorry if there is bad spelling, I was mad typing LOL.