Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World Gets A New Trailer And Fresh Details – Nintendo Life

Wonder Boy’s been getting a lot of love in recent years. We’ve witnessed successful remake with The Dragon’s Trap, an entertaining sequel with Monster Boy, and now, Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World is drawing closer. Confirmed to launch on April 22nd in Japan, Western players can expect it around Q2 2021 and, thanks to a new trailer, we’ve got a fresh look at what to expect.

Initially released as Monster World IV back in 1994, Asha in Monster World is a remake of this once Japanese-exclusive entry for the Sega Mega Drive. Developed by Studio Artdink, it also reunites the original staff, which includes the series creator, original composer, character designer and creative manager.

Confirming this will be a faithful remake to the original adventure, publishers ININ released this statement:

Asha is tasked to free the four spirits being confined by evil forces whose origin she discovers throughout her journey. Luckily, she does not have to face this adventure alone, as early on she finds her new companion, a special blue Pepelogoo.

While the story remains true to the original game from 1994, the game is a full remake of Monster World IV, with cell-shaded 3D graphics and 2D gameplay that stays close to the beloved original gameplay as well as enhanced visuals and refined play content. Especially in the event scenes the performance is deepened and the world view is reproduced vividly and colorfully. Plus for the first time in the series, it comes with a character voice – by the popular and talented Japanese voice actress Ai Fairouz.

A physical edition has also been confirmed for Switch – handled by Strictly Limited Games – who’ve outlined three editions for it.

The naming is a bit confusing admittedly, as your standard release (I.E. just the game) is the “Limited Edition” with 3500 units at €39.99. You’ve got the “Collector’s Edition” for €99.99 with 2500 units, which adds a Monster World map, 2 OSTs, an artbook and more. Finally, the “Mega Collector’s Edition” comes in at €179.99 and 999 units, which includes all of the above, plus Asha and Pepelogoo figurines and further merchandise.

As an added bonus, physical copies exclusively contain the original Monster World IV game inside the Switch cartridge. So if you were planning to buy this digitally, just be aware that it isn’t coming with it.

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