Wolverine Cosplay- Build & Reveal

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Make sure you stay after the credits 😉

*Please keep in mind that the budget on this was minuscule, hence the lack of blood as that would require multiple costumes etc.*

Well Geeks & Geekettes, here is the full Cosplay build and capping it of is “Wolverine”, a fan made clip by the incredible Danielo and Sarah of @luxxemedia
Featuring my dear friend Sam as a Stryker mercenary and myself as Wolverine.

This was a brutal shoot as the elements of an Australian summer were hitting hard. But Danielo, Sarah and Sam all went above and beyond to deliver something I’m beyond proud of.

Regardless, we made it work more than I could have ever imagined. And this is because of the wonderfully talented and dedicated little crew I had.
Anyway, enough blabbering…


Snikt ///

Base Cowl by: and @reevzfx6143
Base Bodysuit by: Leather Fashion Valley

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