Video: Take a Walk Through Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

Saturday, December 19, 2020 – 06:46

Super Nintendo World Video Preview

We’ve got only a few more weeks until the February opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan and though we’ve already gotten a few sneak peeks at this land, Universal has released a comprehensive new video focusing on the Interactive elements of this new land hosted by none other than legendary Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself!

As you can see in the video above, the entrance to this new land features an iconic Warp pipe that guests can use to travel to this new land. As guests walk through, they’ll see LED flashing lights and hear the iconic warp sound as they enter Peach’s Castle lobby, which serves as the entryway for the land. In this area guests will hear iconic music from Super Mario 64 and see portrait photos of iconic characters from this game.  

Image: Universal

After taking in scenic views of the land from this area, Miyamoto began introducing interactive activities throughout Super Nintendo world, starting by showing off how the Power-Up band interacts with ? blocks in the land. Miyamoto demonstrates that guests simply hit their wrist (with the Power-Up Band) on the block, to gain an item, in this case a coin. 

After demonstrating the basics, Miyamoto then showed how guests can perform special activities to receive a special key coin. These keys can be gathered by solving puzzles, defeating in-world enemies (a sleeping piranha plant is shown in the video) and even visiting landmarks in the park. Guests who gather at least three keys with their Power-Up Band can then unlock a battle with Bowser Jr. 

Image: Universal

This land will also have a new Toad-themed restaurant called Kinopio’s (Toad’s) Cafe that is housed inside a giant mushroom building and features large screens where guests can “see” their food being prepared, and even an area to pick up special items! 

Finally in the video, we got another look at Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, which is located inside Bowser’s castle. Though we still haven’t been able to see this attraction’s augmented reality (AR) features in action, the queue and ride vehicles are very detailed and recreate the look of the video game. 

Mario Kart Koopa
Image: Universal

Though we know that this new land is coming to Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore no opening timeframe has been announced for any of these additional Super Nintendo Worlds. However, though it has not opened since March, we do know that construction has begun on this land at Universal Studios Hollywood, so this will likely be the second Nintendo-themed land to open at Universal parks following Universal Studios; Japan in February 2021. 

Are you excited for this upcoming new land?