Video: 13 Great Wii U Games Still Not on Switch – Nintendo Life

It’s no secret that Switch has nabbed a large chunk of Wii U’s biggest titles such as Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and many, many more…but there’s still a number of games that remain exclusive to Wii U. We didn’t just want to highlight any old games though, these 13 are legitimately fantastic and we hope to see some of them join the likes of Bayonetta 2 in the series of ports to Switch.

Have you played any of the games mentioned in this video and are there any other Wii U games you still have an attachment to?

@Friendly Honestly regardless of console or fandom this whole “port-begging” kind of came off as completely unnecessary and mostly doesn’t even result in anything worthwhile

This isn’t even just for like older games specifically. I kind of understand where he’s coming from because there’s a unique sense of entitlement I’ve seen specifically from the Switch-crowd that feel that absolutely everything ever needs to come to Switch regardless of possibility or probability. I’m of the opinion that begging for ports or just games in general to come to a platform is generally worthless. It’s why people on social media love to dog on supposed “movements” like BreakFreePersona for example

That doesn’t make you any less of a fan, but going that kind of route almost never works so there’s nothing you really gain from it. You won’t know whether a game comes to Switch until it’s either announced or the console goes its entire life without it. If it does, cool, but if it doesn’t then begging won’t change their minds or anything

@Dringo That’s not to say it happens ALL THE TIME though

Like how many years did it take Valve to crack under the pressure and make a new Half-Life, not to mention their other dead franchises that aren’t Team Fortress or Counter Strike? what about Streets of Rage 4? a new Mega Man game? any of Nintendo’s franchises that haven’t been brought up again past the GameCube era like F-Zero, Wave Race or Chibi/Custom Robo? Hell I’m still waiting for Konami to make an actual video game with some sense of production value or for Capcom to make a fighting game that doesn’t suck on release