Universal Says Super Nintendo World “Cornerstone” of Its Theme Parks

Universal has been hard at work bringing new and exciting experiences to its theme parks around the world. The biggest addition coming to Universal theme parks since the incredibly successful Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion will be Super Nintendo World.
Today during Comcast’s 23rd Annual Communications Conference Jeff Shell CEO of  NBCUniversal stated that Super Nintendo World will be the “cornerstone” of most of its theme parks around the world. Here are more details on Super Nintendo World.
super nintnedo world
Credit: Universal

Universal has opened its first Super Nintendo World expansion at Universal Studios Japan after a few delays caused by the pandemic. Now that Super Nintendo World has been revealed, many fans are eager to see this expansion come to other Universal theme parks.

Super Nintendo World construction is already well underway at Universal Studios Hollywood – which you can see photos of here. The new immersive land filled with beloved characters from the world of Mario will also make its way to Universal’s Epic Universe, a brand new theme park coming to the Universal Orlando Resort in the coming years.

Super Nintendo World will not be constructed at Universal Studios Beijing – The company’s newest theme park that has yet to grand open. Making Universal Studios Beijing the only theme park not to receive Super Nintendo World as the company confirmed the land will also make its way to Universal Studios Singapore in the future.

super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

Jeff Shull shared more about Super Nintendo World and how it will be an “anchor” for Epic Universe when that park is eventually completed:

“We’re hoping in the next couple weeks that we’re going to be able to open up fully again in Japan as the numbers start to come down. Same dynamic but even more so in Japan where we opened up really what I think is going to be one of our strongest attractions globally which is our Super Nintendo World…It’s going to be the cornerstone of a lot of our parks around the world. We’re really optimistic about that attraction and it’s going to anchor our Epic park down in Orlando when we get that open in a couple years.”
super nintendo world
Credit: Universal Studios Japan

We cannot wait to see more Super Nintendo World expansions open at Universal theme parks around the world!

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