UK Charts: Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Soars Straight To Number One – Nintendo Life

I have to admit that this game, at least handheld, does look much better than the official videos and screens made it look. I don’t want to see it docked, but handheld it actually does look visibly improved. Yes, I’m a sucker that bought it because I technically love the game and thought I was the only one who did back in the day, so I needed it in my collection. This and Twilight Princess, I personally, love more than Ocarina and WW that are too dated and short. And I kind of can’t stand MM though I love the mood and theme.

But I also forgot how obnoxious all the early game dialog is. It’s Zelda. It’s supposed to be action-y and text-lite, but the game drones on and on with so much needless text. So much hand holding. “This is how you use a map! Did you know you could buy potions and they heal you? Did you know the race is today? Also, there’s a race today. You must be excited for the race today. Did you hear Link is going to be in the race?”

And, OMG the lips. The hideous, terrifying lips. And the Imprisoned. That was annoying the first time and it still is. But generally it’s a game with some of the best Zelda dungeons of all time. It and BotW make book ends. SS is all dungeon and all puzzles with no exploration. BotW is all exploration adventure with no dungeons to crawl. Put them together and you get…..Zelda 1?

This game also highlights just how bad Switch’s screens are and the need for the Switch prOLED. This game was clearly designed for it, because the forest looks faded and washed out on the standard screens, and it should be vibrant.

@Lordplops Don’t be silly, that’s just false fanboy trolling.

…Any self-respecting PS5 owner knows the PS5 version is going to charge more later and won’t be upgradeable for free…..

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