The Story Behind The Viral Waluigi Bachelorette Party

Waluigi may not get the love he deserves from Nintendo, but the internet has stepped in to show this strange, lanky boy that he is cherished and respected. The weird character has become a popular meme subject online. Now, a group of friends has taken their love of Waluigi even further, throwing an entire bachelorette party themed around the Nintendo character. This odd party has since gone viral on TikTok and social media.

Your first question might be the same question I had when I tracked down the bride-to-be, Emily “Cherie Sorbet” Yates aka Elvis Waluigi: Why?

“I knew when I was thinking about my future bachelorette party that I wanted to do a chaotic costume night,” Yates explained to Kotaku. “I’ve seen some really good ones online themed around Guy Fieri and Shrek, but I wanted something I hadn’t seen yet!”

Eventually, she settled on Waluigi because, according to her, he’s “just a lanky being of pure chaotic energy” who also has a very “iconic” look. Of course, deciding you want to throw a Waluigi-themed bachelorette party and actually telling people are two very different things. To help sell the concept to her pals and family, Yates said she put together a PowerPoint presentation back in January.

“I did get a lot of ‘What..why?’ responses, especially from people that simply don’t have as much of an internet presence,” admitted the bride-to-be. “Which is perfectly fair! It doesn’t really make sense, and that’s why I wanted to do it!”

Yates said all of the people in the video were given full creative freedom to make their own “Wah-sonas,” and attendees went “pretty hard” on their costumes and characters. While the final video features seven Waluigis, Yates says the plan was for nine but two friends had to drop out before the party. Still, over half-a-dozen Waluigi-variants in one place is quite a sight.

“When we were actually out bar-hopping in costume, we got a lot of really great reactions,” said Yates. “I think it was even more unexpected because we went out on a Tuesday night and not a normal weekend.”

“My friends and I have been reading every single comment and screenshotting our favorites,” she told Kotaku. “I’m most surprised by every comment being very positive and wholesome!”

Putting together her Waluigi Elvis costume took some time and hard work, so she plans to share more videos about creating it and also might wear it out when she goes to conventions in the future. She even has ideas to organize a Waluigi-themed bar crawl in the future.

As for her wedding, Yates made it clear that although she enjoys “chaos” and weird stuff, her actual ceremony in November will be more “traditional.”

Oh and if you were wondering who actually ended up the drunkest that night when all the Waluigis got together, Yates says it wound up being a tie between herself and Pirate Waluigi, who is also her twin brother. You can see evidence of this in a follow up TikTok posted of the two of them mesmerized at 2 am by a beetle on a sidewalk.

Yates loves to create stuff online, and even streams on Twitch. To her, making stuff that people dig is very rewarding, so this weird party going so viral and attracting so many positive comments has been a blast for her.

“It really makes me happy when people enjoy the odd things I enjoy doing!”