The Sims 2: Electronic Arts Cites “Lack of Support/Development” for Not Selling Game | SimsVIP

The Simming community still has a genuine love for The Sims 2. The nostalgic pastime still has a thriving active community, so it’s no secret that players want the game available on Origin again. One search on Twitter and you’ll find a plethora of players begging EA to bring The Sims 2 back to Origin and make it available for download again.

A complete collection of The Sims 2 on Origin, that has been optimized for modern hardware would SELL. And it would sell very WELL. The Sims 2 community is still very alive. There is a whole generation of simmers who havent had a chance to own it.

— explaining Justin (@LitrallyAJ) February 15, 2021

Who said they don’t want the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin WHO DO I HAVE TO FIGHT

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Sims 2 on origin plz <3
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There is literally no excuse to not have sims 2 on origin. It’s not like they only sell mass effect 3 and Andromeda because they’re more recent. They still sell fifa 15 to 19. They sell theme hospital and SimCity 2000 for gods sake. They were able to remaster c&c so why not sims?

— GeorgeSims ♦️️ (@GeorgeSimsYT) February 16, 2021

the world if the sims 2 was on origin #SimsRevolution

— sims colour wheel (@Sims_ColorWheel) February 15, 2021

Players have started demanding the game be brought back to Origin again, even if they have to buy it. It was made available for short period of time via customer support, but was completely stopped years later. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to get you up to speed on The Sims 2’s history on Origin and what brings us to this point today…

Fast forward to yesterday, and the EA Help Desk confirmed that EA and Maxis have no plans to release The Sims 2 on Origin. In response to a player who asked them to make The Sims 2 available on Origin, the EA Help Desk stated the following:

With that statement, EA has officially confirmed that they have no plans to release the game anytime soon, if ever again. Does the squeaky wheel always gets the grease?

Only time will tell.