The Game Boy Lives On Once More As The Shapeshifter Closes In On Kickstarter Target – Nintendo Life

As you might expect, there are stretch goals included, too. Reaching €21,000 will secure two new chapters for The Shapeshifter, €30,000 means all physical shipment will come with a collectable coin, and €40,000 will see Green Boy Games bring this game to NES.

@Brumblescope There are several good options, but nothing quite beats an IPS Screen modded original unit with your original games and a flash cart. For me that’s due to the form factor and not having to concern yourself with emulation. I have a screen modded Indigo OG GBA with black buttons – it’s an excellent marrying of the nostalgic model of my youth with a bit of modern flashiness.

Other good options are (in a rough order of best to ‘worst’:

Modded PS Vita Slim (I’m a believer the Slim is the far superior model despite what most say).
Modded PPSgo
Retroid Pocket 2
Gameboy Micro (I still have one and love it for occasional use).

To me a requirement is that it can display the pixel’s perfectly and sharply. Strictly speaking that counts out the PSPgo but somehow it manages to scale GBA beautifully – and it’s form factor is incredible as a ‘true-pocketable’.

I’ve heard the RG351P is great for GBA too, and there are more options than these of course. I’d include the GBA SP which I’ve owned but using headphones is a big deal for me and Nintendo not including a port (without an adapter) was unforgivable – plus it is quite cramped for long play and my micro is better for short play.

If I could get one I’d consider the Analog Pocket IF it can be side-loaded or works with flash carts like the Everdrive – but Analog are being cagey with that info.

@Lone_Beagle I’m personal not a fan of the Macro mods. It uses the inferior DS Lite screen. Modern IPS screen are too good by comparison. Plus you have the black bars on all 4 sides due to the DS resolution and have to use half a DS UI for operation. Seems messy and the remaining clips for the clamshell just look weird. It’s just not a GBA but half a DS – but that’s just my view.