The First Review For The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Is Now In – Nintendo Life

It’s so weird to see how the Wii version got 93% on Metacritic. Every time the game comes up in discussion, even with diehard Zelda fans, everyone is disappointed and annoyed by the slow start, Fi, the restrictive structure, forced motion controls. It really felt like the death of the franchise, like everyone was so tired of the drawn out old formula. Yet the metascore makes it look like it was universally liked.

I have it preordered and will give it another chance, but I am honestly more curious how it feels to play the game after Breath of the Wild instead of actually interested in the game itself.

Exactly! I love almost every Zelda, save for the DS games, and Skyward Sword. I remember buying it, after reading all of the perfect scores, and scratching my head.

Breath of the Wild felt like a 10/10 game. It felt fresh, and it sucked me in like few other games have. Honestly, it felt like the closest thing to the first Zelda since…..the first Zelda. Here’s a big open world. Go explore it! It gave me those same vibes.

Skyward Sword is a well-made game, but nothing about it felt inspired. Honestly, though, I was okay with it because Nintendo’s track record with the franchise has been nothing short of amazing, considering how long it has been around. Has there really been a bad mainline Zelda game? People will say Zelda II, but I personally love it. It’s also a well-designed game.

I remember when the original version came out, I was more of a regular on IGN at the time. Other users were assuming Audrey Drake (who used to work at IGN but now works in the Nintendo Treehouse) was going to review the game and automatically give it a 10/10 because she was a huge fan of Nintendo. Ultimately, it wasn’t her who reviewed the game, but the game still got 10/10 regardless.

Of course, the game probably doesn’t deserve a 10/10, even with these QOL improvements, and I don’t put much stock into IGN’s reviews anymore, not since their review of “Man of Steel” (they gave it 9/10, but I was so frustrated and bored by that movie, I nearly walked out of the theater; “Superman Returns” was better than “Man of Steel,” if you ask me).