The 10+ Best Super Mario Gifts

Everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Super Mario, is Nintendo’s icon and beloved by many gamers. They’d love any of the ideas on this list of The 10+ Best Super Mario Gifts.

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Super Mario Brothers is such a classic video game. It’s nostalgic for adults and something that they can introduce to their kids.

Mario games aren’t that difficult to learn (they’re difficult to master, though), so they’re fun for all ages. So everyone has a soft spot in their heart for the Italian plumber, especially if you’re my age and remember watching the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! cartoon on television.

None of the gift ideas on this list are games or anything that has to do with playing video games. Rather, they’re just gift ideas that anyone who is a fan of Mario will love.

I also tried to keep these very Mario-focused, not just a bunch of generic Nintendo gift ideas.

The 10+ Best Super Mario Gifts

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Super Mario Rug.

Super Mario Rug

This Super Mario Rug is so cool. It’s absolutely perfect for a gaming room or a man cave. You can order it in a ton of sizes, so you’ll be able to get it to fit any floorspace.

You can run a vacuum cleaner over it, and it’s best to spot clean it with a damp rag. The rug is non-slip too, which is great if you’re putting it in a high traffic area.

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Super Mario Mario and Luigi Coaster Set.

Mario And Luigi Car Coasters

Car coasters are such a good thing to have in the car. They absorb condensation from your drinks and prevent the cup holders from getting wet and gross (which happens when they’re wet; trust me).

So if you’re shopping for a Super Mario fan, this set of Mario And Luigi Car Coasters is just perfect. It’s fun and functional.

If your fan really loves Mario, but can’t stand Luigi (or vice versa), you can actually buy a set of two Mario or two Luigi instead of a mixed set.

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Super Mario Cookies.

Super Mario Cookies

I love edible gifts. Give someone a delicious treat that they can eat and enjoy, and then they can throw the package away and that’s that. They don’t have to find a spot for something.

If you agree, or if your Super Mario lover agrees, they’ll love these Super Mario Cookies.

You can order a set of 4, 6, or 12. The sugar cookies come decorated as Mario, Luigi, Goomba, and more. The cookies are individually wrapped to keep them as fresh as possible.

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Mario pipe planter.

Mario Pipe Planters

Oh my gosh. I’m not even a big Mario fan and I need these so much.

These Mario Pipe Planters look exactly like a pipe, or a warp pipe, in the Mario world. You know these as a mode of transportation, but now you can know them as a place to plant flowers or succulents.

But … BUT … you guys. It gets better. When you order the Mario Pipe Planters, you can also order (wait for it) venus flytrap seeds. Are you kidding me? That’s amazing. This will be your Super Mario fan’s favorite gift of all time for forever if you also buy the seeds.

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Custom Mario Inspired Nameplate.

Custom Mario Inspired Nameplate

This Custom Mario Inspired Nameplate is so much fun. It uses the classic Super Mario font to write any name or word that you want.

Well, within limits. You can get one line with 8 letters or a two line version with 8 letters on each row. If you do order a two row version, they will be stuck together, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to stack them.

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Super Mario Icons Tumbler.

Super Mario Icons Tumbler

This Super Mario Icons Tumbler is so fun. It’s bright and vibrant and filled with a bunch of characters from the Super Mario universe.

There’s the classic characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi. And then there are some others thrown in like Blooper (that ghost-like squid-looking fella).

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FireFlower Neon Light.

FireFlower Neon Light

All these Super Mario gift ideas are awesome, but this FireFlower Neon Light might be the best one.

Each one is handmade from hand bent glass tubing. They don’t get hot to touch and don’t make any noise, which is nice.

It’s USB Powered (the cord is included) and doesn’t require any batteries. It’ll last up to 130,000 hours (which is about 8 to 15 years).

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Super Mario Warp Pipe Wall Plates  Light Switch Cover.

Super Mario Warp Pipe Wall Plates/Light Switch Covers

If you have a Mario fan who has a gaming room, or just wants a little pop of Super Mario in a bedroom, theseuper Mario Warp Pipe Wall Plates/Light Switch Covers are perfect. They look just like the warp pipe in the Mario universe.

You can choose from three designs: a single light switch, a power outlet, or a GFCI single rocker, as illustrated above. You can get them in a variety of colors, including green and glow in the dark green.

Now all you need is a little creativity so you can paint so Piranha Plants coming out of them.

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Super Mario and Mushroom tie.

Super Mario And Mushroom Tie

If your Super Mario lover has to be formal, but still want to be fun, this Super Mario And Mushroom Tie is the perfect combination.

What I actually love about it, though, is the attention to detail. Because on it is a tiny Mario who needs to eat that mushroom to get bigger. So it makes sense that the two are on the tie together. It wouldn’t make as much sense with a full size Mario.

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Super Mario Alphabet Chart.

Super Mario Alphabet Chart

If you have a young Mario fan who is just learning to read, this Super Mario Alphabet Chart is a great gift idea.

Each letter has a corresponding character or item from Super Mario, like B for Bullet Bill, H for Helicopter Helmet, and W for Wario.

It comes as a print only, so you’ll also want to pick up a frame before you gift this.

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Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Collector's Game Set.

Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Collector’s Game Set

If your Mario fan also loves board games, this Super Mario Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe Collector’s Game Set is a really cute idea.

Half the pieces are red with Mario and the other half are green with Luigi. Then, the board itself has the ? Block (yes, that’s its official name) on it. Such a cute touch.

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Nintendo Super Mario Bros Glass Set.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Glass Set

And, for the OG Super Mario Fans, this Nintendo Super Mario Bros Glass Set is perfect.

Depicted on the 16 oz. glasses are a scene from the original Super Mario Bros. video game. So, so fun.

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Super Mario Water Bottle.

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These aren’t all the Super Mario gifts out there, just our favorites. We couldn’t fit everything, like the Super Mario Water Bottles above, on the list.

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