Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Sells Over One Million Copies – Nintendo Life

Dotemu also posted the milestone in a tweet and thanked fans for their support, along with Nickelodeon and developer Tribute Games for making the game happen.

Tribute Games’ co-founder Jean-Francois Major also had the following to say:

“Tribute Games set out to make the ultimate celebration of a chapter in TMNT history that means the world to us, and it’s been wonderful to watch the accessible fun of beat-em-ups resonate with longtime fans and genre newcomers alike. We’re thankful for all of the support and encouragement the passionate TMNT community has shown us since the reveal of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, and we look forward to watching players continue to discover the easter eggs we’ve hidden throughout the game while chaining together some bodacious combos.”

Dude I hope this games sells a billion billion copies and everyone who worked on it gets a gold plated helicopter and the fans get 10 more sequels. Played it with my wife last night and it was a blast.

But numbers are numbers, and I’ve been in the industry 30+ years. No one is LYING, if MS is giving them money based on downloads and it says “sales” in the contract, then downloads are sales. Using technical language to fool the public and control your narrative isn’t lying, it’s just business.

This game selling 1 million full price copies in a week with no physical copy (so the whole physical only crowd has yet to buy it) wouldn’t get a tweet. It would get a ticker tape media event as the once in a lifetime achievement for everyone working on this game and the publisher that it is.

Tribute games has 6 employees and a $1.2 million yearly income. So even after publisher and licencing fees, if they just made $9M or so in a week … well, power to them, but I’m pretty sure friends in Montreal would be calling me …

I know they’ve said they have no plans for DLC before, but I’m still hoping they’re still considering adding more content… i.e. variety in level design, some more vehicular/racing stages (Turtle Van w/ Weapons, Surfing, Gliding), maybe some vertical/platforming to mix things up etc.

Also wishing for lots of cosmetics, costumes to unlock like skins, palette swaps and accessories along with a steady diet of new unique characters to the lineup (Venus, Slash, Spike, Dimension X Teens, Oroku Saki, Hamato Yoshi etc.) + additional bosses, sub-bosses and transformations, and more achievements too.

Hopefully this does well and inspires a resurgence & renaissance of cool, fun, new licensed arcade brawlers updated and coming to Switch with modern features (X-Men, Simpsons, Bucky O’Hare, Battletoads)… basically call Konami and others lol!