Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2021 FULL EXPERIENCE! Cosplay, Vendors, Food, Shopping & MORE!

COMIC CONVENTIONS ARE BACK! Join me for my first comic convention in over a year – the Tampa Bay Comic Con 2021 at the Tampa Convention Center! I bring you along for the full experience, including the epic cosplay contest where people show off their creativity with cosplays of every fandom you can imagine, from Marvel to Mortal Kombat and everything in between! We tour the vendor floor and see creative goods and wares, artwork and I even purchase some super cool tiki monster decor that you’ve got to see! We also tour the halls, check out some of the rooms with robots, LEGOs, gaming, dancing and so much more going on! Comic conventions are a whirlwind of fun celebration fandoms, creativity, fun and play, and TBCC and the wonderful patrons, vendors, panelists and staff delivered as always on all of the above! Thank you so much to Tampa Bay Comic Con for having me to experience and share this! Have you ever been to a comic convention? What character would you dress as? Thanks for watching!

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