Switch Online Members Can Save 30% On Wireless NES Controllers (North America) – Nintendo Life

@Mr-Fuggles777 also to add to that you do get a discount on Gamepass games if you wish to buy them before they are taken down. Combine that with the decent sales on many games on the store and you are onto a winner.

The Switch online is half-arsed at best; you pay to play online and Smash is a good example of how bad it really is. It is unplayable (and I have a really good internet connection). You also cannot compare getting a bunch of 20-30 year old games (as much as I love them) to Gamepass. I can’t see Nintendo letting you play a brand new game for peanuts day one like I was able to do with Doom Eternal. I played it, completed it, uninstalled it and waited for it to go on sale. Got it for £5 new on Amazon yesterday.

When online was free on Wii and Wii U there was no point complaining; it was perfectly serviceable and understandably not as good as Xbox live. It was free so it was fine, plus we could choose which games we wanted to buy and keep for a huge selection of consoles.

And anyone who is saying ‘well, Gamepass is just borrowing, you don’t get to keep the games’ is missing the point. The NES and SNES games on Switch will disappear one day too. There is also no evidence that N64 or GameCube games will arrive; N64 games showed up very late in the Wii U’s life I’ll grant you, but all the rumours of GameCube games never amounted to anything.

I have the Switch online because I got the first year free with the console in a deal from Nintendo and the second year with the physical copy of Tetris 99. Unless I see it for a really good discount I won’t be bothering with a third year. It isn’t worth the money tbh (and I’m still hunting down a good deal on Gamepass too, I’m not paying full price if I can avoid it).