Switch Becomes The Best-Selling Console For 24 Consecutive Months Despite PS5, Xbox Series Launches (US) – Nintendo Life

Nintendo has announced that the Switch outsold its rivals to be the best-selling console of November 2020 in the US. The achievement means that the system has now held that best-selling console honour for 24 months in a row.

The result also means that the Switch has managed to outsell both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles in their first month on sale. It’s worth noting, however, that retailers all over the country very quickly sold out of stock for the new systems, so it may have been a different story if more units had been available.

“Nintendo Switch offers a unique proposition for shoppers this holiday season with the ability to play on the TV or portably in handheld mode. We continue to see unprecedented demand for Nintendo Switch, and we are pleased that people of all ages and gaming skill levels will be experiencing Nintendo Switch this holiday and beyond.”

The biggest problem with PS5/XSX is that they really rushed with their releases….Honestly it’s a such silly choice to launching this year considering the circumstances…
Well, no wonder that Sony felt extremely stressed by the success of Switch, so they had to rushing with it…and just releases (almost) PS4 remasters on PS5 and no big game. Same with XSX now when Halo Infinite got a huge delay recently.

Nintendo did in the opposite way, to almost not releasing anything during this year, instead they upped the production of new Switches.

It’s so interesting also that virtually E-V-E-R-Y movies gets delayed during this year, while Microsoft and Sony rushed hard with their console releases, a such silly decision which will be punishing them very hard. But of course a lot of you will still say, nah nah nah Switch is trash, PS5 is gonna to sell 30m during Christmas-2020. But the harsh fact remains with those abysmal PS5 numbers i Japan don’t lies, not a chance that Sony only sent a bit above 200k hardwares during its launch in Japan…Sony (Microsoft too) should waited until Q3/Q4-2021 instead.

Those PS5 sales in Japan will punish Sony hard in the future when more and more Japanese devs moves on, because it’s not profitable to making Japan-focused games on a console with a such low sales. Or just still sticking on PS4 for 3-5 (or more) another years?