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The long-awaited Super Nintendo World theme park is finally opening next week, after years of planning and months of delay due to the pandemic. Nostalgic fans of the classic gaming console will be able to have some fun in Yoshi- and Mario Kart-themed rides and attractions, with the Peach and Bowser castles towering over the whole area.

In other words, it’s the ideal spot for Nintendo lovers. I am not a video game or theme park fan at all myself, but I know many are so here’s a brief introduction with many photos.

Basics of Super Nintendo World

Fittingly located in Nintendo’s home country, the first Super Nintendo World is actually an expansion of the Universal Studios Japan theme park, not a separate standalone park… and it surprisingly looks relatively small too, despite the C$690 million cost.

Other Super Nintendo World areas are also planned to open eventually in Hollywood (California), Singapore (Singapore), and Orlando (Florida)… but they are all many years away from being ready (no official timetables provided yet).

Visiting Super Nintendo World

Just like the popular theme parks closer to home in Florida have all been open for months now (Walt Disney World opened in July), the new Super Nintendo World will be able to safely welcome guests with the customary hygiene measures and precautions starting next week (March 18th).

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Video of Super Nintendo World

Here is a promotional video for the park.

Rides and attractions at Super Nintendo World

The main inspiration for Super Nintendo World is these 3 franchises: Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island, and Super Mario.

There are only 3 rides:

But in a way, just walking around the Mario world brought to life is an attraction itself.

The flagship attraction is the Mario Kart roller coaster.

You’ll ride around Bowser’s castle, with augmented reality (AR) technology playing a big part in this interactive experience.

Yoshi is a milder Omnimover-type ride (a scenic stroll).

And finally, the Power Up ride is a kind of treasure hunt around the whole area.

Food at Super Nintendo World

In terms of food, you have 3 themed options:

At Yoshi’s Snack Island, you can eat the famous Koopa Troopa shells… but you won’t be eating actual turtle, it’s actually a baked calzone.

There’s the Kinopio’s Cafe (that’s the Toad character’s name in Japanese).

It has mushroom-shaped pizza bowls, burgers with a decorative Mario cap, and “?” block-shaped tiramisu (among other options).

You can get a Mario cap-shaped dessert too.

Souvenirs at Super Nintendo World

Finally, the souvenir shop called 1UP Factory will be plumber-themed to fit with Mario’s profession.

Map of Super Nintendo World

Here is a map of the area, located at the northern end of the park.

You’ll certainly appreciate all the decorative elements if you’re a fan of the classic Nintendo games.

Location of Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan is outside of the city of Osaka, Japan’s 2nd-largest.

The Fairfield by Marriott Osaka Namba hotel is not too far from the park: you can get 7 free nights there with a travel buddy with the Card‘s welcome bonus. It’s not as much as getting 17 free nights in Bali or 10 free nights in many more destinations, but it’s still not too bad of a deal for Japan, which is a more expensive country.

Getting to Super Nintendo World

Our Flytrippers multi-ticket itinerary trick often works for smaller/less popular cities around the world, so to save money, you are often better off buying a flight to Tokyo and then buying a separate Tokyo-Osaka flight than buying a ticket to Osaka directly.

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The train could be more convenient than flying though: there is a Universal City Station directly on the JR West Sakurajima line. In fact, trains on the line even have a cool new design to fit with Super Nintendo World’s opening.

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The Super Nintendo World theme park is opening next week in Japan and is will become a pretty unique attraction for fans of the classic Nintendo games.

What do you think of this Super Nintendo World theme park? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured image: Super Nintendo World park (photo credit: Universal Studios Japan)

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