Super Nintendo World set to open on March 18

Attention all Nintendo fans, Super Nintendo World will finally open on Thursday, March 18 at Universal Studios Japan.

The imaginative theme park world will bring to life the much-loved characters Mario and Princess Peach.

Super Nintendo World has been six years in the making and was estimated to cost $351 million to build.

Super Nintendo World
Image supplied by Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

Super Nintendo World’s grand opening will kick off a year of Universal Studio Japan’s year-long 20th-anniversary celebration.

Bowser’s Castle and Peach’s Castle tower over the Super Nintendo World and are unmistakeable to guests.

It will feature Mario Kart – and Yoshi-themed rides as well as restaurants and shops.

Interactive play at Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World will provide visitors with a new type of interactive play experience.

Guests with a Power-Up Band can virtually punch enemies and blocks, collect coins and gather character stamps. Those with a Power-Up Band can sync it to their smartphones to keep track of their score. You can go head-to-head with friends or other park guests to win the virtual competition.

Super Nintendo World
Immerse yourself in Nintendo’s worlds with Power-Up Bands (Nintendo)

This new virtual component means guests can completely immerse themselves in Super Nintendo’s colourful worlds. Family and friends will be unstoppable when unleashing their passion to play.

Super Nintendo World
Image supplied by Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

Feeling a bit hungry? Chef Toad is whipping up gourmet dishes at Toad House which has been transformed into a restaurant. Expect a lot of mushroom-inspired meals. Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are all regulars here, so you best check it out.

Guests will find exclusive Mario Kart merchandise at the 1UP Factory. Check it out to buy your Power-Up Band or to find your best Mario outfit.

Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka, is currently running at a limited capacity to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a bonus, this means that ride wait times are especially short.

Getting there

Universal Studios is in Osaka Japan. Australians can fly direct to Osaka from Sydney once the borders reopen.

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