Super Nintendo World Officially Opening February 4, 2021

Monday, November 30, 2020 – 06:03

Super Nintendo World

After several months of delays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Universal has announced that the much-anticipated Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan will officially open in just a few months on February 4, 2021! In addition to the release date, some new information about what guests can expect in this new land has been released as well. 

The headlining attraction in this new land will be the now-officially named Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, which will put guests in the driver’s seat for a ride that includes AR and projection mapping effects to bring courses from the Mario Kart games to life thanks to a special headset with a built-in AR screen. Guests will then compete against each other, with different experiences happening depending on who wins and loses. 

Bowser Jr.
Image: Universal

Elsewhere in the land, guests will find the Yoshi’s Adventure dark ride where they can climb aboard their own Yoshi and follow Captain Toad on a quest for treasure, discovering fun surprises and views of the entire land during this five minute experience. 

Guests will be able to use special Power Up Bands (sold separately) to complete special quests and key challenges in the area collecting virtual keys and stamps with other Guests in real-time using their whole body, helping to take back the golden mushrooms stolen by Bowser Jr. Once guests collected three keys from games across the land, you can experience an exciting boss battle with this character, with guests needing to  to work together with jumping and punching to defeat him and save the golden mushrooms. 

Image: Universal

Though there are a lot of exciting components to Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Japan will be carefully managing capacity and have announced that a special “Area Admission Guarantee Ticket / Area Admission Numbered Ticket” will be needed in order to experience this new land.