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Super Nintendo World opens officially on February 4, 2021, at Universal Studios Japan. As the opening date approaches, the Park is getting ready for the grand opening and it’s 20th anniversary “No Limit.”

Banners promoting Super Nintendo World have gone up at the front gates of Universal Studios Japan and also on the inside.

While the banners are simple in their design, the sheer popularity of the characters don’t need any more introduction.

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Let’s get you hyped for Super Nintendo World and take a look at these fun banners!

Front Gates of Universal Studios Japan

These are the banners just outside the front gate of Universal Studios Japan. Along with a gigantic sign with Mario on it as you go under the archway.

Inside the Park

Under the canopy at the front of the Park are the same banners and they lead you in the direction of Super Nintendo World. The area is towards the back of the park right beside Waterworld.

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