Super Mario Bros. 3 Special Version Jumps Onto The Switch Online NES Library – Nintendo Life

The NES Nintendo Switch Online app has had a decent number of Special ‘SP’ game versions since it launched – these typically give you shortcuts to specific areas of games and apply unique conditions. Somewhat randomly, alongside today’s expected addition of 3 SNES games, we now have a Super Mario Bros. 3 SP version (hat-tip to Mario_maniac for the heads up).

When you fire up the NES app it appears fresh at the top left, and takes you straight to World 8 if you want to get right into the game’s finale. The theme is ‘8’, clearly, as you also get multiple copies of eight powerups, pitched as ‘wardrobe changes’ in this instance. It’s a fun idea, as you can experiment and mess around with each one without too much concern over losing them. Details and a screen are below.

It’s a neat option, especially for those that maybe struggle to reach the end of the game or just want to play around with the power-ups.

So, will you be checking this out?

Then they could also expand the RPG side of things, because aside from Breath of Fire, there just aren’t any at all. Even if we ignore DQ and FF, there are other RPG options. People would for sure appreciate the Quintet trio – Soul Blazer, Illusion of Time and Terranigma. And don’t forget the ActRaiser games also!

@EarthboundBenjy How about Super Turrican (The NES one, not the SNES one that’s in the Turrican compilation on eShop)? It was programmed entirely by Manfred Trenz (creator of the series and creator of games like Giana Sisters and Katakis), doesn’t use any mapper chips at all (because the IP owner at the time was really stingy), yet still manages to be amazing (because Manfred Trenz is a programming wizard)

Also, I think Japan needs to take a bit of a backseat now when it comes to old games because people seem to be acting like non-Japanese regions (especially Europe and the UK) didn’t do jack for the gaming industry

EDIT: On another note, where did that editors get that weird reshaded edit of the Japanese SMB3 box art from?