Steam Game Festival Returns With Hundreds of Demos for Promising PC Games

The Steam Game Festival is back, and it’s bringing hundreds of demos on interesting PC games (most of them from indie creators) with it. The Steam Game Festival began back in late 2019 as a Geoff-Keighley-spearheaded tie-in with The Game Awards, but they’ve become a regular thing since, and this latest iteration looks to be the biggest one yet.

As mentioned, the Spring Steam Game Festival includes over 500 free game demos, which may seem a bit mind-boggling, but I’ve picked out a few interesting ones to get you started…

Loop Hero (2021)

A new take on the roguelike that lets you plan your adventure with an ever-growing deck of cards, as you adventure around and around an infinite loop. You decide where you set the risk-reward balance. Download the demo here.

Don’t Forget Me (TBA)

A colorful retro adventure game in which you unravel a mystery by exploring subjects’ memories. Download the demo here.

Genesis Noir (Q1 2021)

Man, how to even explain this one? Genesis Noir is a heady adventure game that renders the Big Bang that created the universe as a stylish, black-and-white noir detective story. Yeah. I have no idea how it will play, but points for originality. Download the demo here.

No Place for Bravery (2021)

A stylish pixel-art action-RPG featuring intense combat, and a dark, bloody world and story. Looks properly metal. Download the demo here.

Echo Generation (2021)

One part RPG, one part point ‘n’ click adventure game featuring a fun retro vibe reminiscent of Earthbound and Stranger Things. Add a slick “elevated Minecraft” visual style to the mix and you have a game that really stands out. Download the demo here.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods (Coming Soon)

Hunt monsters, gods, and other baddies, harvest their body parts, and use them to craft gear and expand your home base. Play solo or with friends co-op style! Download the demo here.

The Riftbreaker (2021)

A heavy-duty arcade actionfest reminiscent of Housemarque’s games, but with added RPG, base-building, and survival elements. Download the demo here.

Of course, I’m just scratching the surface! Check out the full array of demos here. The Spring Steam Game Festival runs until next Tuesday (February 9)

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