Someone At Capcom Really Hates Ethan’s Hands

Ethan is the main protagonist of Resident Evil Village. He has a rough life, what with all the dangerous monsters trying to kill him. Ethan’s hands seem to be the main target. They get treated so poorly that I’m starting to suspect someone at Capcom hates Ethan’s hands and wants to destroy them as much as possible.

I started playing Resident Evil Village this weekend and I’m only about three hours into the game and already Ethan’s poor hands have been bitten, bloodied, pierce, cut, mutilated, and more. While all of this is only from the first few hours, I understand some folks don’t want anything spoiled so…

One of the first things that happen once you reach the village is your hand is chomped on by a werewolf-beast. It’s sort of downhill from there for Ethan’s poor hands. It takes a while before he is able to wrap his hand and I imagine that’s bad for wounds like that. I smell an infection.

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Later on, after some more abuse, Ethan’s hands are locked up in handcuffs which is honestly one of the nicer things to have happened to Ethan and his hands in years.

But then after you escape from that situation, you end up getting caught again and this time things are much worse for Ethan’s paws. You get hung up by hooks shoved into your palms. Then Ethan rips his palms off the hooks leaving huge gashes in each hand.

Finally, Ethan gets his whole right hand cut off while trying to flip a switch. I wish I could say this was the first time Ethan has got his hand cut off, but if you’ve played Resident Evil 7 you know that’s not true.

Ethan’s hands get punished a bunch in that game too. They get stabbed, sliced and yes, eventually one of them gets cut off in a gruesome scene.

If you are wondering how Ethan is able to do anything in this game with missing hands and huge wounds, well he is lucky that first aid medicine in the Resident Evil universe is magical. It is able to reconnect his hands and heal up major wounds in seconds. Impressive stuff. Who needs health insurance when you got some green herbs and oil in a bottle!


I’m not even done with Resident Evil Village and Ethan’s hands have already gone through so much. I expect more is to come. But not because of the shift to first-person, which happened in RE7.

See originally that was my theory for all the hand trauma Ethan endures. We only see Ethan’s hands most of the time, so I guessed the devs had to use his hands to show you all the pain and torment Ethan is going through. But then the game beats up and stabs Ethan’s legs and torso a bunch and it looks gruesome and works as an effective way for the devs to say “Hey, this all sucks for him!”

Now, I’m thinking all the hand trauma is down to one person in Capcom who just fucking hates hands and has the power to take that anger out on poor Ethan.