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@Anguspuss Just playing since MS-DOS, but yeah, I agree. People these days put way too much value on graphics. I remember playing Supaplex on my first PC. I don’t remember its specs aside from having 640KB RAM. The game ran slow and you were even able to see the game skipping frames, it looked like it would be shacking all the time. On my second PC, 50MHz, 12MB RAM and 512KB (yes, KB) GPU, it ran quite well and my favorite game back then on Windows, Anno1602 (US: 1602 A.D.), performed kinda interesting. Ships moved like if it would be a turn based game. They teleported a couple of meters, stopped, teleported a couple of meters, stopped. But aside from that, the game ran kinda well. When I was playing Supaplex on the PC my big brother had, it ran in ultra high speed and was unplayable because everything was waaaay too fast.

And these days people whine when games are capped at 30fps. Or about the trees in Pokemon Sword. Or how Outer World looks “miserable” on Switch. Waaaah! Waaaah! 25fps! Everything below 60 is literally unplayable!!!11
I don’t understand. In the PAL region console gamers should be used to having 25fps. We had a higher resolution than the NTSC region, but 25fps, yeah.

That’s basically one of the reasons why I don’t care about Metacritics. So much whine these days about graphics or for not having multiplayer (or because people want to make everything about politics or the female anatomy. Look, I’m playing games to relax, chill, have a nice time and dive into a story in a different world. Isolated from the society and their imaginary hypocrisy drama. What I really don’t need is more “political correct” whine about games. Just let that girl play her games… alone, in peace… jeez… How many people are going to rate Hogwarts Legacy bad just because JK Rowling, who isn’t even involved in the game, said that transgirls aren’t biologically female?). I bet, if I would look up Bowsers Fury on Metacritics in a couple of days I would see people whining that it runs in 792p docked and in 30fps in handheld. As if that would matter. It still is very playable and looks pretty nice, right? I was happy when I was a fourth grader and got some kinda useless Nokia brick. These days even first graders have an iPhone, they’re used to live in luxury and to have the best of the best. And this is going to be a big problem one day, for them individually because they learn the hard way that life isn’t THAT nice, or for us a society in general because there are way too many spoiled people. And I don’t even know why I would want to play most of the games I played in multiplayer anyway… Who, aside from trophy hunters on PlayStation and people who do Gamescore on XBox, voluntarily played eg Assassins Creed in multiplayer? As a former trophy huntress I can tell you… That was incredible boring and pointless.