‘So long, Gary Bowser!’ Nintendo of America issues new lawsuit against Team Xecuter ‘leader’

Over the last few years, Nintendo (as a whole) has been going after key figures in the gaming pirating scene. One notable party has been the group Team Xecuter. Last October, two key members of the team were arrested and charged with 11 felony counts. Now, typically, that’s where this story would lead into today’s current updates and legal proceedings. Don’t worry, we will get there. First, you need to know the names of the two individuals arrested last year and they are Max Louarn and Gary Bowser. 

Yes, this is real, and as much of a never-ending migraine this is for Nintendo, it’s absolutely hilarious that they’re suing someone who has the last name “Bowser”, one that is also shared by the company’s current president, Doug Bowser. It’s also perfect for meme-making and article banners that include Mario’s longtime rival and big baddie of the same name.

Doug Bowser CEO da Nintendo of America // Gary Bowser da Team Xecuter pic.twitter.com/Ap38vkcLDg

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Despite being arrested last year and charged with fraud, Nintendo isn’t done with the 51-year-old Canadian. This past Friday, Nintendo of America submitted a new lawsuit to the US District Court, Western District of Washington. Polygon has uploaded the 41-page court filing onto Scribd. In it, Nintendo details Gary Bowser’s involvement with Team Xecuter and pirating devices and programs that the organization sold. Nintendo’s legal team focuses on Team Xecuter’s SX OS hacking software for the Nintendo Switch (and later for the Nintendo Switch Lite) and includes YouTube screengrabs that advertise the program, previous judgments won last year focused on resellers, postings made by Bowser under the username “GaryOPA”, and more. Interestingly enough, the document even refers to a previous charge against Bowser in 2008 that took place in Canada and more hacking exploits back in 2013 (Gateway 3DS for Nintendo 3DS), 2017 (Stargate for Nintendo 3DS), and 2018 (Classic2Magic for SNES Classic). 

With a second lawsuit on the table, one can wonder if it’ll take a third for Nintendo to win this boss battle.

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