Shin Megami Tensei II Is Being Added To Japan’s NSO Super Famicom Collection – Nintendo Life

This follows on from the release of the original Shin Megami Tensei on the NSO service last July. Here’s a bit about it, via a rough translation from Nintendo’s Japanese website:

While maintaining the feature that the ending changes greatly depending on the actions and choices of the main character, various elements such as inheritance of magic in demon union and “virtual butler” that can acquire experience points by training in virtual space have been added.

@JR150 You never know with Atlus honestly. SMT is big in Japan but Persona is big in the west. Their Trauma series were were pretty much invisible in Japan but sold quite well in the west.

I think all it takes SMT to get into the mainstream is word of mouth and small upgrades to appeal it to a western audience, I don’t think it’s impossible. Given the Switch’s large popularity if the marketing is done well and the game is fantastic, it could potentially reach those levels. The time it’s taking to develop is giving me high hopes but time will tell.

Persona didn’t reach mass appeal until P4. I don’t think SMT can’t do the same. Persona’s only real advantage is that it’s set in a much more grounded universe and deals with much more personal stories which makes it more relatable.

Follow up with If…, and pretty much the bulk of SMT will be officially portable. Sure, would be nicer yet to get an official localisation, but for the amount of text JRPGs boast, I wouldn’t hold my breath unless Atlus really takes a page out of OG Fire Emblem’s book. And judging by this native subscription release, they’re likely not planning to.

@JR150 somewhat ironic to call SMT “still very niche in the west” when even Liberation’s western servers have been chugging along for three years now – attending the variably untimely funerals of same region Moebius Final Fantasy, Tales of Link, Star Ocean Anamnesis, Symphogear XDU and even effin’ Magia Record in the process (although to be fair, many of the above weren’t helped by the rather curtailed interpretations of “western release” either). And it translates the flagships’ themes gameplay staples quite informatively. As long as it’s SMT V is advertised up to scratch, it has decent odds.