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It’s coming up on one year since Nintendo dropped Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch. Yes, it’s nearly 365 days since so many of us took that first flight to Tom Nook’s deserted island and made a new life for ourselves. Depending on the day, that year either feels like it’s flown by or has dragged interminably thanks to certain global events — it’s been a strange old year, that’s for sure!

In those twelve months, we’ve seen some amazing things, not least in New Horizons. The community that’s formed around ACNH has produced some stunning work, from incredible custom designs to intricate island constructions that require a staggering amount of time and talent to create. A regular flow of updates from Nintendo has tweaked the experience and gradually delivered many of the annual events we’ve enjoyed in past games, too, all reworked for island-living. There’s still plenty we’d like to see added, of course — Brewster still hasn’t brought his damn fine coffee to our not-so-deserted islands yet — but this video game more than any other has planted a flag in our hearts throughout this difficult period, and it’s worth celebrating its first birthday.

We’re looking to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a more communal way that a simple retrospective, so we’re asking you send us an in-game image that sums up your time with the game so far. It could be a snap of your impressive item catalogue, or a photo showcasing a piece of island engineering or a custom design you’re particularly proud of. Perhaps you’re a green-fingered gardener with a bunch of hard-to-cultivate flowers, or a fish and bug enthusiast that finally caught that elusive critter. Or maybe you’ve already got a treasured screengrab nestled in your Switch’s photo album — one with friends (animal or otherwise) from one of the year’s many in-game events.

Whatever it is, we’d love to see them and showcase as many as we can in a special gallery feature on the 20th March…

How to send us your Animal Crossing: New Horizons photos — Use the hashtag #ACNHYear1

To send us your Animal Crossing anniversary images, simply post them on Twitter with the tag #ACNHYear1. This keeps things nice and simple — you can easily upload any screengrab of the game in your Switch Album and add the tag before tweeting to get our eyes on it.

Alternatively, you can retweet any previous screenshot posts you’ve sent out with the new tag and we’ll find it that way. Check out our guide on how to transfer screenshots from Switch to a Smartphone, PC or Mac if you’d rather tweet from those devices.

Obviously, we won’t be able to feature EVERYONE’S anniversary images, but we’ll look through them all and pick out our favourites to showcase on the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch.

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As you can see, Gavin spent most of his 275 hours with the game making Starfleet uniforms.

Can I tag multiple photos?

Go for it, although we’ll only showcase a single image per person in the gallery feature. We recommend trying your best to summarise your personal experience with the game in a single shot — a hard task, we know!

Already got the perfect shot saved in your Switch Album? Bully for you! Add the #ACNHYear1 tag and tweet away. Otherwise, let us know below if/how you intend on cramming 365 days’ worth of memories into a single 16:9 screenshot. We can’t wait to see how you’ve been spending the last year on your islands…