Security Guard Couple Goes Viral after Passing the Teacher’s Board Exams

A former kusinera (cook) who earned Php11,000 a month is now earning Php64,000 from her online jobs. How did she do it? You’ll surely be inspired by her story.

Being a kusinera (cook) is a physically demanding job. Many wake up at dawn to prepare the ingredients that they have to cook, then spend hours in front of the stove to prepare different dishes.

Lovely Joy Trebajo, 27, used to work as a kusinera at a Chinese restaurant where she earned around Php11,000 a month. She was already the head of the kitchen and was in charge of assigning the staffs’ work schedule and training the new ones.

We’re not glorifying poverty but we’re certainly impressed by the story of a market ‘kargador’ (porter) in Cebu City who ranked #2 in the Mechanical Engineering board exams. Isn’t he amazing?

‘Kargador’ Ranks #2 in Mechanical Engineering Board Exams

There are many inspiring stories of poor people who achieved remarkable feats despite the circumstances.

One of these is Mark Allen Armenion, a market ‘kargador’ (porter) who even failed a few times in school but managed to pick himself up and become a topnotcher in his chosen profession.

Mark Allen grew up in Warwick Barracks, Carbon Market, Cebu City. His dad Rene cooks lechon for a living while his mom Marites sells in Carbon Market.

The youngest of four kids, Mark Allen wanted to give his parents a better life but he didn’t think he could graduate from college. He failed back in grade three (elementary) and third year (high school).

Even with those failures, Mark Allen didn’t give up. He was often absent from school because he would spend time working in the market to help his parents earn some extra cash for their food and other expenses.

Amazingly, he still managed to graduate as the batch’s best in mathematics.

He recalled the difficulties he faced due to family and financial challenges, explaining that his mother took many loans just to send him to college. Even when he failed, she was there to encourage him to try his best.

So, he dedicates his success to his family, especially to his hardworking mom.

The topnotcher also explained that he stopped the distractions he used to have, such as playing online games, so he can focus on his studies. That’s one of the reasons why he was able to finally achieve his dreams.

He advises young people to try hard to reach their dreams and to never give up despite the difficult situations they’re in.

What’s a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers design power-producing and power-using machines. They can create a variety of machine designs from indoor machines like elevators, escalators, and air conditioning to internal combustion engines and power turbines.