‘Secret Tapes’ set between YipeS and Apologyman travels back in time to the golden age of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Posted by Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills • 28 minutes ago • Comments: 1

The time period of the early-to-mid 2010’s remains seen as the golden era of the fighting game renaissance for many Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom players with many titans cementing their legacies or began new legends within those years.

Fighting Game TV has been going back in time to showcase and provide nostalgia for this golden era with the release of ‘Secret Tapes’ that had previously been either lost or buried, and one of the standouts is a classic first-to-10 exhibition set between the mighty IFC|YipeS and BC|Apologyman in what may be one of their first meetings.

Both players appeared to be taking the set quite seriously with their main teams — Firebrand, Super-Skrull and Doctor Doom for Apologyman and Nova, Doctor Strange and Spencer for YipeS — while also being in the zone.

Things would start pretty evenly with the first two games being split, but the matches start trending in Apologyman’s favor quickly thereafter.

His unique team allowed him to play a very slippery game with Firebrand that has explosive fire power to go be and tag into Doom, who can extend for even more fun.

Apologyman shows off exactly why Super-Skrull with level-three X-Factor is a terrifying anchor

The real star of the show would end up being Super-Skrull, however, because it feels like every time YipeS secures a multiple character lead, level-three X-Factor makes him a scary closer in the game.

From what it sounds like in the conversations being had, this may be the first time the former Evo Marvel 2 champion ran into Apologyman’s wild style, and he would begin to adapt the more he saw the pressure coming.

There’s no date mentioned with the video, but this secret tape seems to have taken place almost exactly seven years ago in April 2014. That means you can find some classic Mahvel play below from two of the greats, which of course means there’s going to be some NSFW language thrown around too.