Rumour: The Voice Of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake Hints That A Second Remake Is On The Way – Nintendo Life

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David Hayter – the man who voiced super soldier Snake in multiple Metal Gear Solid entries before vacating the role for Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland – has suggested that Konami is planning to remake the original Metal Gear Solid for a second time.

Hayter dropped the hint during a conversation with YouTuber Dan Allen, saying:

I thought it was just a rumour until the day before yesterday when I got a text from one of the insiders, saying they heard it might really be happening. I only had some confirmation that it might not be a rumour a couple of days ago, and even that was still a rumour… but now it’s an industry rumour, so that tends to be a little more accurate.

Hayter said that the remake was in development for current-gen hardware, which could potentially include the Switch. Metal Gear Solid has already been remade once – for the GameCube in 2004, under the title .

During the chat, Hayter expressed his belief that, if Konami were to proceed with the remake, it would need to re-record the dialogue for the game:

They can’t use the original PlayStation [recordings] because the sound card isn’t anywhere near as good as today’s consoles. So what happens is, you run those old tapes and you can hear traffic going by outside and all this room noise, because we didn’t do it in a studio: we did it in some living room. We did re-record the entire game for [GameCube remake] The Twin Snakes, so they could theoretically use those recordings, but again I don’t think the quality would match what needs to be done.

Should this rumour prove to be true, there’s a chance that Konami could use an external studio to create the remake, just as it did with Twin Snakes, which was developed by Canadian company Silicon Knights. Earlier this year, our friends over at VGC reported that Konami had relaxed its stance on using external contractors following the poor performance of in-house titles like and Contra: Rogue Corps.

VGC has been told that Konami is not only working on a new Silent Hill with an external party but also has plans to produce new Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid games in this fashion – however, any potential releases are still many years off, the site reports.

I like Twin Snakes but it purposely deviated from the original. I believe Kojima instructed the cutscene director Ryuhei Kitamura to purposely make the cutscenes different from the original – so they ended up a bit weirder. (I say that as a fan of Kitamura – I remember really liking his films ‘Versus’ and ‘Aragami’. ‘Godzilla: Final Wars’ had its moments.). So, from that point of view, maybe a remake makes sense – if they wanted to do something closer to the original in tone.