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Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s oldest video game characters, and while the series has seen some massive releases over the years – Donkey Kong Country and being two notable examples – the franchise has remained pretty dormant since , which made its debut on the Wii U back in 2014 before being ported to Switch in 2018.

However, there are rumours that Nintendo is looking to resurrect the series by bringing it in-house, with development currently underway at Nintendo EPD, the team responsible for .

YouTuber LonelyGoomba has mentioned the rumour in passing on social media and other sources have also discussed it, but Nintendo Life can confirm that it has heard the same rumour from an independent (and very trusted) source, which would appear to lend this report some degree of legitimacy. However, our source claims that the game will be 2D (or 2.5D, if you prefer) and not 3D.

This rumour is also backed up by recent comments made by leaker Zippo:

It’s the big ape’s 40th anniversary, and while I’m not sure how Nintendo is celebrating the occasion, there is a new 2D DK game being developed by EPD Tokyo. Retro is obviously busy with other things, so Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to bring DK back in as internal series. Don’t expect the “Country” moniker to return, as EPD Tokyo are not interested in making a sequel to games they didn’t make. Diddy, Cranky and the Kremling Krew should all be returning in this installment. It sounds like this game is launching before the end of the year. An E3 announcement seems very likely.

Following the arcade and NES releases – as well as an excellent Game Boy outing – Donkey Kong was entrusted to UK studio Rare in the ’90s, which produced three titles for the SNES. DKC outings were also released on both the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. When Rare was purchased by Microsoft, Nintendo passed the property to Texas-based Retro Studios, which produced the Wii sequel Donkey Kong Country Returns and the aforementioned Tropical Freeze.

Numerous spin-off titles have spawned from the Donkey Kong series over the years, including Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, and .

What do you make of this rumour? Do you think it’s likely to be true? Would you like to see EPD tackle a new Donkey Kong, or would you rather Retro Studios do it? Let us know with a comment below.

But apparently not. So what exactly have Retro Studios done between Tropical Freeze launching on Wii U in 2014 and inheriting the Metroid Prime 4 development in 2019? That’s a long period of time – did they seriously deliver nothing? And what does this tell us about Metroid Prime 4?! Nintendo seriously gave such an important title (or at least it should be, FPS is seriously neglected on Switch) to a studio that managed the grand sum of nothing for FIVE years?!

And don’t give me “they did the three previous Prime games and they’re brilliant” – practically no-one remains employed by the studio from those “good old days”.

And that’s before we even address the massive elephant in the room… where the heck is Odyssey 2?!