Rumour: Sonic’s New Game Might Be An Open-World Adventure – Nintendo Life

@TruthisRare @Ghost_of_Hasashi @JasmineDragon For the most part, I couldn’t agree more with how you feel. Nintendo has changed ever since the N64 and Gamecube days and has lost it’s edge a bit.

Maybe I’m looking at it through the lens of a western consumer and how they use to market their games compared to how they did it in Japan, but Nintendo still wants to be that casual family company since the Wii era with a select few mature titles to keep it’s older fans occupied.

The Japanese side of Nintendo usually favors RPGs and “cute” types of games like Pokemon or Animal Crossing and they’re usually the best selling games on Nintendo’s consoles. Add to the fact that Nintendo has a bit of a problem with responding to feedback to most of their lesser franchises outside of their Japanese audiences, and that leads to some frustration over here when it comes to wanting a new Paper Mario that isn’t dumbed down or wanting a new Star Fox game that isn’t another remake with gimmicks or another F-zero game that, by Nintendo’s current standards, requires some sort of gimmick to make it interesting apparently.

Undeniably, Nintendo has sort of rested on the laurels of indie games on it’s system, even when Nintendo thought the Switch might become another failure like the Wii U they thought the indie scene might keep most of its players occupied, which from some strong responses here it certainly has. It’s funny how Sony were probably the first to introduce and flourish more indie games to home consoles, but Nintendo mostly relies on indie games and last gen ports to fill out some of the monthly release windows for their games, Sony or MS definitely don’t do that, Nintendo is the only company that does. There are very few triple AAA games that release on Switch and those that do are usually ports of older games or sometimes remasters.

Even during the Wii U days Nintendo mostly relied on indie games to keep it’s console afloat before inevitably it sunk. That’s not likely to happen for the Switch’s case, but with such a successful console like the Switch shouldn’t there be more exclusives or AAA games coming to the console, because I certainly hope so.

Whatever the case may be, the Switch still has another 5 years ahead of it to show what other heavy hitting games it has to offer. E3 is coming up soon, so there’s a chance Nintendo might show off a couple of aforementioned games like Metroid Prime 4 and BOTW sequel and maybe some more cool games. But me being somewhat cynical to Nintendo’s current trends, I’m left somewhat half expecting some dull candy colored games that Nintendo’s current audience will surely eat up no questions asked, but those are just my thoughts I could be slightly off the mark. Either way, I remain relatively hopeful.