Rumour: Netflix Will End Castlevania After Season Four, But Has Plans For A Spin-Off With A New Cast – Nintendo Life

Update: Deadline is reporting that the fourth season of Castlevania, comprised of 10 episodes and starting on May 13th, will be the last.

However, it has also heard that Netflix has plans to create a new series set in the same universe with an “entirely new cast of characters”.

Deadline also understands that writer and executive producer Warren Ellis is not involved with this spin-off series.

Original Story [Fri 16th Apr, 2021 02:00 BST]: Resident Evil isn’t the only video game getting some attention on Netflix. Back in 2017, Castlevania‘s animated series made its debut and since then it’s grown in popularity and size. It’s now got three seasons with a fourth one on the way.

So, what’s happening with the fourth season? The last we heard about it was in March 2020, and now, in a social media post, Netflix has shared a picture of the series’ cast of characters, along with the message “we’re back”…so, we guess an announcement of sorts is coming soon?

This will also reportedly be the last season creator Warren Ellis is involved with after being accused of abuse by multiple women.

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@GameOtaku @nessisonett “How simple it would be if we were to draw a line between the good and bad half of everyone in their hearts and cut them with a sword.” A quote I recall from Jack Kornfield on the matter.

I am a fan of Marilyn Manson and find someone like him to be exactly what he advertised himself to be. With Jimmy Savile and Bill Cosby, they were the deceitful types and it makes justifying them for what they gave to children a lot harder.

With Ellis, having worked in entertainment myself, and one friend whose law firm represented him a decade ago, I can say this with some perspective : 1) he’s a diva, 2) he is an alcoholic and insufferable to be around when drunk, 3) he has an attitude of the typical victim who has low self-esteem and perpetuates a cycle of victimhood around him without realizing people who idolize him want his approval even if it means fulfilling his sexual urges, 4) he fulfills the typical celebrity who thinks he has power as a gatekeeper and makes empty promises to aspiring writers, though to be fair, there are people who do mean to help launch more careers, they just suck at following through and more often than not think that just a simple introduction to a friend is all that’s needed.

There’s more power dynamics and unrealistic expectations that make the exchange unequal and abusive because of what they give and what Ellis doesn’t give in return, as the stories consistently show.