Rumour: Metroid Prime Trilogy For Switch Ready To Go, According To Industry Insider – Nintendo Life

Here's exactly what Jeff had to say (thanks, VGC):

“The game is done and Nintendo is holding it... whether or not Nintendo releases it now or later depends on other factors... I think that game is sitting in their pocket for whenever Nintendo decides it’s the right time, and Nintendo’s done this a lot recently so it’s not unusual, it’s not a sign of some bad thing happening, it’s not a sign of a lack of faith in Metroid… Nintendo can afford [to sit on it] and that’s how they’re treating it.”

“I think a big problem for Nintendo for quite some time during the pandemic was QA… I think Nintendo was focusing its quality assurance resources on one or two big projects at a time and that meant that some games that were basically finished were sitting on the side, while they had their lockdown secure QA processes focused on one or two more important games... Japan is still dealing with these issues so I don’t think those processes are going to open up any time soon.”

"The other factor for Metroid Prime Trilogy is that it’s definitely going to be a marketing beat for Metroid Prime 4, almost certainly. So right now we’re getting Metroid Dread this year and then I would imagine that Metroid Prime trilogy is something they’ll release close to the release of Metroid Prime 4, whenever that is.”

@BloodNinja @BloodNinja Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm with the other commenters: Metroid Prime is NOT a first person shooter, it's a first person action adventure, and OFFICIALLY labeled as such by Nintendo themselves, no less.

I can to some point understand the mistake, but you see, the type or classification of a game is not defined by its perspective or usage of in-game peripherals, it's solely defined by the leading purpose/mechanic of the game, and that (in the case of Metroid Prime), is VERY clearly exploration and puzzle solving.

So, the core gameplay is NOT first person shooting. That's just an added feature. And as we all know, the gun is also used to solve puzzles and open doors, so that already differentiates it from your average FPS.

And besides, it would also be pretty presumptuous to have one's personal view/opinion go against an ENTIRE gaming industry AND the makers of the games themselves, who have explained to exhaustion why it is not a first person shooter:

And considering the source material as well, it is pretty clear why they would not want the exploration part to be overruled by the "shooty" bits, because that actually would primarily make it a first person shooter.

So, no offense meant, but what's so "glaringly obvious" in this case, is that it's not a first person shooter, so sorry man, but you're definitely wrong.

Or in your own words: " just because it’s your favorite game doesn’t mean it’s magically something different".

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