Roundup: Here’s What Was Revealed In Nintendo Direct E3 2021 – Nintendo Life

To be honest I wasn’t expecting that much third-party output this time. Danganronpa and Life is Strange coming to Switch are definitely exciting news. But Guardians of the Galaxy is just coming as a cloud version. Yay? Not really for me, that was the perfect opportunity for a “Witcher 3” moment.

I actually wanted this Direct to focus mainly on first-party titles and exclusives. It quite had a lot of them in (and many surprises that fans clamoured for years). But it missed games like Splatoon 3, Project Triangle Strategy, maybe new Kirby (next year is his anniversary) and Donkey Kong games. And of course… Bayonetta 3
I also wanted new updates for games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
They’re planning to show them on the coming months, I hope…

But that wasn’t enough to distract me from the fact this Direct had a LOT of pleasant surprises, we need a bigger round-up that includes the games announed on the “reel” segments (that probably explains why they had headlines this time, even though no other E3 Direct before included them).

Maybe this month we’ll see more about Pokémon UNITE and Legends: Arceus. And about the “Nintendo Switch Pro” rumours, I’m personally hoping they’re true and maybe they plan on announcing it on July, just like the 2019 models.

@-Juice- @DeclanS98 The constant Wii U ports, and remasters of old games was starting annoy me to heck, especially when the games didn’t even add anything meaningful for another playthrough. The over reliance of third parties is also frustrating, as typically, those games have been out for ages on other platforms, for cheaper, and run better on those platforms. You paying for an inferior version to play portably. Sometimes a good trade off, sometimes not. But overall, new 1st party Nintendo games felt few and far between.

Now, this E3 has restored some of my faith, but not all; quite a bit of the direct was full of announcements from other companies who covered them in their own presentations. Ports/remasters of other games are fine, but it felt like Nintendo was hiding them coming to the Switch so they had padding for the presentation. There is also the fact that while I am happy to see Advance Wars returning, why is it not a new one? Why is the new Mario Party not making new boards/minigames, but instead taking from the past?

My faith has restored slightly because the return of Advance Wars and 2D metroids and Warioware makes me think Nintendo are at least thinking about some of the underused IP. And that is a step in the right direction.

On a side note, a casual observation that surprised me was no mention of Pokemon in the direct as far as I recall. That is welcome from my perspective; they normally spend at least 10 minutes on whatever title is coming out that year.

@HeadPirate I think I was very specific with what I said. I don’t know what you’re talking about with the “it’s coming tomorrow” thing. The only time that Switch Pro was said to be close to production was Mochizuki’s article which was a few weeks ago. There has never been a “Switch Pro coming soon” article from any reliable source before this. If the Switch Pro comes out either later this year or early 2022, then Mochizuki was right.

I don’t really care about other “leakers”, they are just hoping on the bandwagon and most likely don’t know a single thing themselves. I only trust the Bloomberg article in specific. That article was only speculating about when the Switch Pro will be revealed; they can’t possibly know that info, plus it is subject to change at any point. However, it was very adamant about it being in production from July, and that is the key info in the article. It doesn’t matter when Nintendo actually reveals it, what matters is whether it’s in production next month or not.

As long as you are not dumping every single “leaker” in the same boat, that’s fine, but please do not confuse a Bloomberg report with some random content creators that just found an excuse to make videos every day. Those videos make me cringe. It’s their fault for missing the point of the report, which was never the announcement, but the fact that it’s entering production.

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