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The strength of the new display (unsurprisingly) becomes even more obvious when turned on, immediately shining bright and clear from pretty much any viewing angle I tried. Honestly, it’s not an exaggeration to liken its vibrance to when the Game Boy Advance SP got an updated model with a far brighter screen, making the original Switch look noticeably dimmer if compared directly. Its colors are richer too, and I’m not kidding when I say Breath of the Wild’s grassy fields looked almost cartoonishly green viewed side-by-side.

While people who regularly play in docked modes with solid TV sets aren't going to be blown away by the OLED model's visuals, this still makes handheld mode look better than it ever has. It honestly made me interested in seeing how my other favorite games, like Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros. Ultimate, would look on the new display.

So the Nintendo Switch OLED model justifies its existence, but does it justify an upgrade? For most people, the responsible answer is no. The improvements here are not going to unlock new game experiences or capabilities, they just make the current experiences a little nicer.

@johnvboy ahh, I thought you were being sarcastic, I thought I remembered you dismissing the new one in another thread.

I'm going to get the new one as well (if scalpers allow it) but I admit I'm disappointed with it. I didn't believe the crazy pro rumors but I expected at least a slight performance enhancement so that at least the eShop didn't run like it's 2003. It's kind of insulting it's literally just a vanilla switch with a different screen.

At this point I never really play switch docked, it's just a handheld. Seems like Nintendo agrees, considering now they have one handheld only model, one new premium model where the absolute only difference is in handheld mode, and, for now, the og model (I dobt they're keeping that long term, it doesn't make sense to sell 2 versions of the same model at such a close price point with little more than the display as a differentiator, I assume they're just going to sell both while they deplete the old parts supply)

So it's really disappointing, I was hoping they'd do something to make docked more compelling, now it really seems they're ok with it really being a handheld with a tv out. I'm cool with it has a handheld but the iffy performance of most recent games is worrying. Especially in handheld!

But ..I want that new screen. Always said I needed an XL. Text is too small.

The og screen...I don't get it. It's terrible. Saturation and contrast is pitiful. Daylight performance is non existent. It's an IPS. It shouldn't be so terrible but it somehow is.

I haven't seen the igzo version they revised to, maybe it isn't as bad as launch?

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