Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu becomes an unofficial member of Marvel vs. Capcom by attacking X-men’s Gambit in awesome fan pixel art

Posted by Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills • 20 minutes ago • Comments: 1

Resident Evil Village is perhaps Capcom’s most highly anticipated game of this year, alongside Monster Hunter Rise, although most of the talk around the internet has been focused primarily around the alluring Lady Dimitrescu.

The super-tall villain and apparent vampire has even caught the eye of the fighting game community too, as pixel artist Countgate created an awesome custom sprite and portrait for the Mistress of Castle Dimitrescu in the style of classic Marvel vs. Capcom entries.

Instead of just going with a blank background to showcase the sprite, Gate made his artwork into a full Super screen with her holding the limp Gambit from X-Men in her grasp.

Lady Dimitrescu’s portrait shows her with a sadistic smile and extending claws, so those who have been lucky enough to play the Maiden demo on PlayStation 5 should probably know what’s about to happen next.

Resident Evil characters have seen an interesting history within the Marvel vs. Capcom universe with Jill Valentine being the only representative for the longest time with a much more hyper moveset than her survival horror appearances.

Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker made the jump to MvC3, along with a re-worked Jill though only the BSAA agent would find his way into Infinite.

Fans are still left waiting for other popular characters like Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong to make the jump into fighting games though Capcom’s crossover titles are certainly up in the air right now as to when / if they’ll return.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release on May 6 this year on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC, so players still have a few months to wait and see what other abilities and fun Dimitrescu has up her sleeves.

It’s also probably worth keeping an eye on for fighting game fans as well considering there’s a very good chance that Street Fighter 6 will be using the RE Engine as well since other titles like Devil May Cry 5 and the aforementioned Monster Hunter Rise feature it now too.