Resident Evil survival horror maze opens at Universal Japan as part of Halloween horror event

Resident Evil 2 serves as inspiration for mission-based maze as zombie circus troupe takes over other part of the park for dancing.

As pandemic precautions are being gradually removed in Japan, a lot of people are anxious for life to get back to normal. Arguably just as desirable, though, is for life to get back to abnormal, and a sign of that happening is the return of Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween event, Halloween Horror Night.

Halloween Horror Night hasn’t taken place since 2019, and despite the name, it’s more than just one night. This year’s frightful festivities will run from September 8 (Japan gets into the Halloween spirit early) to November 6.

Among the terrors awaiting guests are the reemergence of the Street Zombies, who take over the park’s New York Area after sundown and menace passersby. Universal Studios boasts that this year’s horde has the most zombie varieties ever in the park’s history. The overall theme is “zombie circus troupe,” which is great news if you’re looking to become paralyzed with fear in the most efficient way possible by combining your fear of the undead with your fear of clowns.

In addition to movie franchises, Universal Studios Japan has creative partnerships with several Japanese video game developers, , the makers of Resident Evil, and so a Resident Evil-themed Halloween attraction is a no-brainer (in the sense that it’s an obviously good idea, not that zombies have eaten its brain).

Resident Evil the Extreme Plus (or Biohazard the Extreme Plus, to use the game series’ Japanese title) is a “survival horror maze” that’s an upgraded version of a similar attraction from 2019. Taking its cues from Resident Evil 2, you and a partner venture into the Racoon City Police Department building where you encounter zombies and creatures, such as the Licker pictured above. It seems like your objectives aren’t as simple as just “get out of the maze,” wither, as depending on how many mission goals you complete you’ll get a different clear rank, sort of like infiltration game.

New to Universal Studios Japan is Universal Monsters-Legend of Fire, modeled after a horror maze first seen at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida. Here you must find your way through a darkened cemetery where you’ll be attacked and pursued by classic Universal horror icons as Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Wolfman.

▼ Both horror mazes are open in the daytime as well, since they’re indoors and can create perpetual darkness.

And last, if seeing zombies doesn’t make you scream, but instead makes you want to dance, there’s the Zombie de Dance show at the Gramercy Park performance stage.

As the photos here show, guests are still asked to wear face masks while inside the park to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (and maybe Resident Evil’s T-virus too, just in case it has an airborne variant).

Source, images: PR Times
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