Resident Evil Producer Pete Fabiano Exits Capcom

Today, long-time localizer turned producer Peter Fabiano has announced that he’s leaving Capcom, trading the horrors of Resident Evil for the space-faring adventures over at Bungie. Announced via Twitter, Fabiano stated:

Hard to write this best so I’ve decided to keep it simple: Thank you everyone at Capcom for allowing me to grow together with you over the past 13 years. I’m thankful and will cherish the experience forever. (Translated) Thank you very much! I look forward to working with you as a fan.

Thanks to everyone both in and outside the studio that have supported me over the years. I’ve taken a new position at Bungie working with some great people and continuing my journey. “Eyes up guardian.”

This comes after more than a decade with Capcom, with some of his earliest credits being on 2008’s Street Fighter 4 and 2009’s Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth as a localization manager. His first work on Resident Evil was Resident Evil 5, again credited as a localization manager, then appearing in the credits of The Darkside Chronicles and the first Revelations, before taking on a role as producer for Resident Evil 7 (and taking on the role of Peter Walken, the ‘weekend sub’ host of the ill-fated Sewer Gators). He went on to work as a producer on the remakes of both RE2 and 3, and finally Village this past May. It’s quite a body of work, and Fabiano leaves behind one hell of a legacy with this series.

Moving on to Bungie, and thus Destiny 2, it should be interesting to see how his influence affects that title, and will also leave the future of Resident Evil open for someone new to take up the reigns he’d been holding.

We here at Rely wish Pete all the best in his new endeavor, and thank him for his years of work both on Resident Evil and at Capcom as a whole! In remembrance of his years of work, here’s a video we received from Peter Walken came out, where we got to see a special message from the man himself:


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