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I apologize for the tangent, but since we were talking about Game Awards it just got going

Yeah, I think that I’m with you there man. One of the main reasons I’m even more glad I didn’t watch the horse $#!t game awards is because I heard Hades was robbed. They had the chance to give an insanely deserving not your ordinary an extremely fun game a chance to show that we do appreciate something different. That we appreciate the visions & voices outside of the typical big studios & upper echelon. And that is not all about brand recognition or your favorites in the industry

Instead they gave it to a game that not even the people who consume the product voraciously weren’t that thrilled about overall. Heck, I certainly got MY fill of the meh’ness that was tlou2 MUCH quicker than I did Hades. Which for the record and comparisons sake, had me sitting up all night like a Coke head chugging 40’s of espresso saying one more run! One more run! One more…you get the picture I’m sure lol. Whereas tlou2 is a game that I don’t even know if I’ll ever go back to try and complete. As it honestly felt like more of a chore and a sense of duty to try and get into than something I was doing for fun. And while I can’t personally speak for others, last I checked I personally play games to have fun.

IMO it just goes to show that it’s really not about us the gamers. It’s about their sponsors, the corporations and people who help line their pockets. Folks that give them free review copies, they are friends with & all that sort of crap. And while I’ve always tried to keep an open mind, remain objective & give nary a thought into the sort of thing, I may honestly be beginning to lean more towards being in line with some of the people who think that trash like the vga’s are on the take from the get.

It’s not about “my guy” or fav game not winning or any of that crap. As there’s certainly been nominations that I didn’t agree with, yet I could at least see why the pic was maybe made and had no real qualms. However, some of their actions, “coincidences” & highly suspect winners as of late don’t exactly bolster my trust or faith. I’ve been saying eff them for a while & I think that I’ll continue to do so.

With me these days it’s quite a bit like the Super Bowl where you can’t wait to see the commercials. In the VGA’s case the reveals and such. Where they differ a lot to me though is that the actual Super Bowl show itself is a lot more legitimate, usually more entertaining and I can still always watch the commercial reveals as the bonus.