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While it’s probably unlikely that Lego will approve the set for production (we’ve been through all this before, after all), the idea itself is simply exquisite and is based on the Temple of Time from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Built by Lego Ideas member LEGOverwatch, the set was submitted on July 19th, 2022 and gained over 100 supporters on the same day. By September 27th, it had gained the 10,000 supporters needed for the idea to proceed to the review phase.

It sounds like the set was pretty difficult to conceive, too, with LEGOverwatch making the following comments on its creation:

“Link was incredibly hard to make. For his tunic, I extended past his torso and halfway down his legs. Instead of hair, I gave him the Hylian hood which is commonly worn in the game. His accessories are a Hylian shield, the master sword, and a sheikah slate.

We wish LEGOverwatch the very best of luck with their submission; we’d certainly like to get our hands on it in the future!

Of all the iconic Zelda locations in the series history… they would go with the most generic “church” in the entire series?

Sigh …. pick anything from other Zelda games… as much as I love Breath of the Wild … this is a pretty ‘meh’ choice.

I’ve been a big Zelda fan since it was released on the NES and I wouldn’t buy this build at all … neither for the location nor the price that it will entail for a place you barely visit in the game… let alone the forgettable structure. There are more interesting architectures in AlttP, OoT, MM, WW, TP or SS than BotW tbh…. It would be pretty underwhelming that the first Zelda Lego set we get is this.

Great talent of the creator though, would like to see what they accomplish with a more interesting location than this

Looks cool! Definitely love the half buried guardian blending in there and the plant growth.

With 3k pieces, this set would be really expensive though. So no problem for me that it won’t get accepted. Rather would have some smaller cuter sets and let your imagination run with it. For example with Mario series, there is a good looking Yoshi and Mario house, a lot more afordable.

Nonetheless I can appreciate a nice design.

Honestly, there have been many beautiful Lego Zelda set submissions that have been ignored by Lego. I highly doubt this one will be any different.

As it is, with Lego saying to stop submitting Zelda sets, there’s a good chance we may never get one, unless they can work out a deal with Nintendo to expand the license beyond just Mario.

That’s something a lot of people tend to forget: Lego has to acquire a license from other companies to make sets based on established franchises. They can’t just make a set and hope for the best.

Furthermore, Nintendo, known for their gameplay gimmicks, might insist that Lego make a Zelda set that has some quirky gimmick (like their Lego Mario line), and a lot of these fan submissions are basic sets with no gimmicks at all.

So basically, I don’t see it happening, at least not how most fans envision it. It basically boils down to a matter of licensing and providing the kind of gameplay gimmicks that Nintendo is notorious for.

Now, I could see them doing something like Bionicle (as in, the original Bionicle), where Link can swing the Master Sword like the Toa swing their weapons, and some boss enemies like Ganon can be like Makuta. That might satisfy Nintendo.

They should have done the Dark World Pyramid or Ganon’s Tower.

Those are the two most iconic Zelda locations in my opinion. I’ll add BOTW’s ruined Hyrule Castle as a third.

But especially the Pyramid. That blew my mind as a child.

I’m still holding out some hope that given Lego already has a relationship with Nintendo they have the Zelda license and are working on their own set (i.e. not one based on Ideas submissions)

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