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My one experience with true D&D ended badly when the DM told me I couldn’t drink my own urine like Bear Grylls. I thought the whole point was that you could do anything you wanted!

@nessisonett It kind of sucks though when a newcomer comes to the table and disrespects the game for everyone else when they think it’s funny to completely break the unspoken agreement between the group by offering ridiculous proposals. Yes, you’re role-playing and can offer unexpected alternative solutions, no, you can’t drink your own urine.

I don’t like tabletop games either, strictly because I suck at roleplaying with other people seriously.

@Ulysses ‘There is no drinking water nearby’ instantly makes me want to Bear Grylls it. Yes, I understand it was a way to lure us into a fight at the nearest lake but a good DM would be better at hiding the obvious routing.

@nessisonett Well… context helps it make more sense. Still though, I wouldn’t really want to play with the types of people who jump to take any amount of leeway to its extreme.

I recently bought the starter books and kits and am having enough fun just reading the rules and making characters. I have no idea what the actual play experience is like.

@nessisonett A good DM would have let you try. I would have definitely let you do it, but you’d probably have to pass a constitution save/nature check to avoid any undesirable effects.

@nessisonett You had a bad DM. I would have let you do that, just to see how it would have played out! Er, I mean in-game, heh.

@Ulysses If it was a good DM, they would allow it but have negative consequences. I understand you don’t want a player to ruin a game by acting like a jackass constantly, but you shouldn’t also deny players the ability to roleplay how they want. Just punish them “unexpectedly” later for it

I actually used the 16-bit light world map for random encounters in my online D&D games when we moved over to Roll20. I could just drag the map image to the terrain I wanted them to be in.

Once I got the dynamic lighting option with the pro account, I would try to add the borders around the terrain so that their line of sight would cast shadows as they moved through it.

All that aside… this map is clearly a massive labor of love which I imagine took a ton of time to construct in Inkarnate. Mad respect.

@Desrever Ughhh I wish I didn’t have as much money invested into Roll20 as I do. Would love to move to Foundry VTT.

@Dingelhopper I’d have accepted the eventual horrible disease to be honest. Or a hardcore addiction to urine.

@Indielink LOL! I hear you loud and clear. On top of the pro account I also bought the Monster Manual so I could just drag and drop baddies on full loaded with stats. For the convenience, its worth every penny, but I have been eyeing FoundryVTT for a while now and I’m not about to buy yet another Monster Manual.

@nessisonett Yeah the GM should’ve let you drink it and rolled for some kind of penalty. But honestly I also don’t blame him for putting a stop to it right there. Certain behaviors just don’t fly for some groups and that kind of chaotic stupid nonsense gets old real fast. For the GM and for other players.

@nessisonett It really depends on the group you are playing. I was the GM of a group where a guy was always trying to score some girls. Always. I got tired and made some girls rob him and it was solved.

Yeah it’s a tough task to rope in players while letting you do as you please. If I knew you were literally role-playing and trying to survive in the wilderness, I would for sure have you roll for it and keep things moving. If you were instead trying to do a head stand and pee into your own mouth… well I’d probably still have you roll for it.

But silliness can be taken too far and derail the nature of a campaign, so it’s tough

DnD is amazing, my favorite hobby. Make sure you find a good group to play with though. No DnD is better than bad DnD, and the wrong group can quickly turn bad

@Ulysses You sound rather boring to play DnD with. I guess no creativity is allowed in your group.

Props to the guy for thinking outside the box, and shame on his DM for not allowing it and also not better setting a trap. Yeah have him roll for it to see if he gets a disease or whatnot, but that’s something for the player to then have to deal with and learn from the mistake.

@Indielink Good, Netural, Evil, Stupid. That’s an alignment system I can get behind. If the character had a low intelligence I would have allowed it, but people would typically search for water if none was immediately available before resorting to drinking their own urine.