Random: Disgruntled Fans Spam Nintendo Tweet In Response To YouTube Soundtrack Takedowns – Nintendo Life

The original copyright claim was issued in August last year, as can be seen in the tweet below:

This part here bothers me. I know where you are coming from with it but the thing is it is sometimes the little things that people complain about can make the bigger impact. If you complain about the little thing and companies do change on that then eventually they may give into some more larger issues that people have.

Nintendo’s Japanese branch is almost always the source of this YouTube drama. The old men at home base are stuck in the 90s, unfortunately.

The music is going to be streamed one way or the other. It’s not like this one account is the only one sharing Nintendo music. Search for “[insert game] OST” and you’ll usually find at least three or four different playlists pop up. Sometimes there’s a purge of certain songs or OSTs, but I’ve noticed new accounts usually pop up with the same music before too awful long.

I know the way I listen to music has dramatically changed these last five years or so. I can’t even remember the last time I bothered to download an MP3. I stream music in general, but I’ll also buy soundtracks (mostly for collection purposes) for games and movies I love.

People are going to keep uploading your stuff, Nintendo. The world is just moving that way in terms of how it experiences music. You can either take advantage of that and use it as an additional source of monetization (because I’d be perfectly happy to pay a reasonable price to stream your incredible work) or continue to fight losing battles against it, but it’s going to happen either way.

@15roundTKO Yeah, they’ve been losing tons of money… checks notes…sorry, they’ve been breaking records and making tons of money with their releases in the last few years. Guess other people disagree with your assessment.

I mean the reason they don’t release CDs in the US is the same reason the US wont release content in Canada … this exact argument.

The US sees Canada’s streaming and piracy laws as too lax, which is why Canada has to wait a few weeks before they can view shows like “Last Week Tonight”, as an other example of companies doing this.

Why doesn’t Nintendo care about the US? Because they hate you, because you’re awful.