Random: Boy Has To Choose Between Nintendo Switch And Pizza, Chooses Pizza – Nintendo Life

Wow. Reading these comments is depressing. So much sad, cynical, soulless, pointless whining and complaining.

This really is a cute, sweet story and something really nice to read first thing in the morning. I should have known better than to read the comments.

Why can’t you all just smile, enjoy a happy moment or just move on if sweet little news stories cause you so much pain?

Thank you Nintendolife for mixing it up a bit and reminding us of the importance of the second half of your name and how important it is to occasionally look up from your console, shake off the mantle of adulting and enjoy life. Sometimes through the eyes of a child. I think I’m going to have pizza for lunch…

@Tsusasi I know it’s not exactly the same, but when I was about to graduate high school, my mother told me that I could either have a big party with twenty friends, presents and pizza or I could have dinner with my whole immediate family and one or two close friends at a nice restaurant we all wanted to try. I picked the restaurant because I figured it would be a lot cheaper for my mother and the time with my family would be more special and memorable than just another hangout with friends and acquaintances.

I’m in my 30s now and that night turned out to be one of the best of my life for a few specific reasons. The food was amazing, we all had a fantastic time and ended up staying for five hours at this restaurant. The restaurant had a sitting area with a fireplace and after we ate, we sat there and talked for hours, just sharing and enjoying the evening. Turns out that the owners were there and they introduced us to this gentleman who was a local artist who had been commissioned to paint the restaurant. Well, he ended up adding us into the crowd in the painting because he had a nice time with us. I was able to go back months later and see it and it was great!

Also, one of the two friends I asked to join us went in for a routine exploratory surgery and after unexpected complications, he passed away. That was two years ago. After the initial sadness passed, the thing I remember most is that evening together and it’s a memory I cherish infinitely more than a pile of presents that no doubt I’d probably have forgotten about completely by now.

So.. yeah. People thinking only about which has more financial value are throwing away the entire possibility that a time with family and a good meal can be far more rewarding.

Also, no one has mentioned the possibility that this kid could may have been aware his parents didn’t have a lot of money for a Switch right then and this was perhaps a better option for their family, too.

Anyway, not everything has to be about the next Metroid Prime to be worth reading and for those in the comments who think this is such a waste of time, why did you click in the first place and then bother to comment?

@sanderev Someone had to mention pineapple. It might as well be you.

@nessisonett I’d disagree. We didn’t go many places as a kid. We did take a few longer trips. Honestly I remember so little about them they may as well not have happened at all. But I could recall every last detail of random trips to local stores down to the grain of the metal on the shelf and remember it as pure magic even if it was otherwise mundane at the time. Even memorable days going nowhere at all. IMO the little familiar things can be a lot more memorable and important, decades later, than the big trips of strange sights and sounds the mind kind of processes out over time.

@Nintendo_Pone Adulting; [Eng. (slang)] v.: The act of guilty awareness of impulsive or selfish behavior; Giving the illusion of responsibility; Pretending to GAF. See also: pouting, method acting, self-deception.

@BananaMetallurgica Not all American’s have a terrible understanding of pizza. Just…..most…. NY pizza is “real” pizza (unless you’re in Naples where anything but margherita or marinara is a criminal offense ) But historically NY pizza was created by Neapolitans making use of the flour (strong “manitoba” wheat) and ovens (big anthracite coal hearths instead of small wood ovens) that were available to them here. So it’s a natural evolution of the original based on regional conditions, much like every region in Italy has its own version of every food…same natural development. It’s “different” but still “authentic.” And California style pizza is basically just NY pizza but with a wider range of unusual toppings, and usually more of them.

Buffalo, however, is in NY state, but it might as well be Canada. That picture is not a NY pizza. Or a pizza at all. And from there we go downward through “New England style, Chicago style, “American pie” (gag), and the worst of all: The chain pizza, which I’m pretty sure the closest connection to Italian food that has is it’s made of the same oil Fiat uses to fill the cars off the factory line.

And if you ARE in Naples, remember, there is not a single water buffalo anywhere at all in sight here despite the name “Buffalo, NY”, and Vesuvian ash isn’t very practical to grow tomatoes in where there are no active volcanoes. You make do with what you’ve got!

@Grumblevolcano 3? THREE?!?!?! We had one in the span of over a year. A year in WiiU years is like an entire generation in Switch years.