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@westman98 Could you please let people try to actually discuss things instead of getting likes? Thank you.

@cyrus_zuo I think the term was created by by companies figuring out what type of game to make, as well as what demographic to market it towards.

On a scale, I’d put it like this: Nongamer, Casual, Core, Hardcore, Pro.
Nongamer is self-explanatory.
Casual should be easy enough to understand as well. But just incase it isn’t, I’ll give you the rundown. Casual gamers are people who don’t play too many games, and when they do they don’t do it for too long. They also primarily play Casual Games, like Mario Kart, Wii Fit, Nintendogs, Mario Party, as well as brand things like Pokemon, and Licensed games. But if they do play games a lot, it would probably be with their friends. You’ll easily know one when you see one.
Core is your average gamer, they like a variety of games, and keep up on some of the news.
Hardcore is a step above that. They generally spend lots of time on a certain game, and are very close to mastery. They might not spend time on a large variety of games, but the ones they do play will impress many onlookers.
And as for Pro… Well these are the people that go to tournaments. They either play only a few games, or a large variety. In single player games, you most commonly see these people as speedrunners.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of types of gamers. I’m sure there’s more I didn’t mention, too. What I meant in my original comment, was that it’s really impressive that a casual would spend so much time doing the same things. I was not in any way trying to put myself above ANYONE at all. All humans were created equal, after all.

As for people being called casual, well, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m a casual reader. I occasionally read books. I find nothing wrong with people calling me that. What I would be mad about, is if people said it in a harmful way. ‘Oh look, it’s a stupid casual, we should make them feel BAD!’ I don’t think anyone likes being mocked or told they’re lesser than others.

As for the definition, well I wouldn’t say it really applies here. That is, after all, a very broad definition, going outside of the realm of gaming. The definitions I gave were very broad as well, but at least they were focused on games.

Regardless, thanks for triggering the writing part of my brain, it’s always fun to do stuff like this! Even if it takes an hour of my life. If you want me to send you my thoughts on what makes a game, I’d be more than happy too. Until next time!

@Nintendo_Thumb Given the definition, you are correct that she isn’t casual. JUST casual, that is. Also I have done every entry of Wii Fit, so I know how it works. I assume all she does is the daily check and a few minigames every now and then. But for the sake of the argument I’ll assume she plays at least 5 minigames a day.

( You really don’t consider Wii Fit a casual game? Really? Whether or not something is casual doesn’t depend on how hard it eventually gets, it depends on who it was built for. And I can guarantee it wasn’t built for Nintendo’s core fanbase.)

And I’ll have to disagree about you needing to be extremely fit to be good at the game. The only minigames I can really think of requiring you to be somewhat okay is the biking, walking, hula hoops, and the weird one where you go on and off the balance board. But the thing is, unless you’re in extremely bad shape or have a disability, getting through everything will be fairly easy. Yes, even if you’re trying to 100% it. Of course it’s not like some games where you can do it in a month or so. You’ll have to train your body on what to do when, as well as making sure you conserve stamina to do so.

The game she’s playing is a casual game. Therefore, she does fit into the casual category. If we assume she plays tons of minigames and is great at all of them, (Which again, is unlikely) she would also fit into the Pro category. People can go in multiple categories at once, either in the same game, or different ones. Check Anti-Matter’s comment for an example.

But for the final nail in the coffin, look at shaneoh’s comment. He provides ample evidence that she doesn’t actually play every day! I honestly find this really funny, especially considering an entire article was written about this.

Also given the way you structured your comment it doesn’t look like you fully read my previous comments. I made good arguments there that you should have read before replying. And if you did read them, well, please just be a bit more polite next time. Having discussions on topics like this is a lot harder when communication is slowed from rude short talk.