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@DarylT That actually makes me wonder how giving commands to a Pokemon would work in a BotW-style game. Maybe something like Ni no Kuni?

A part of that game is leveling up little monsters who act as party members in battle, and I still get a bit confused by it, (since I’ve only watched an LP and the sequel, which I’ve played, doesn’t have them) but you have to give them commands in real time while they otherwise just act on their own.

Or maybe it would really just have to be like in the wild area, where everything is a super neat and polished open world, but entering battle takes you to the typical pokemon “back to the camera with-turn-based commands” mode.

As far as everything else goes, it’d probably be like the Crown Tundra wild area with how there’s a town in it and all that.

Honestly, though, an open world Pokemon just needs to connect the regions together in a way that makes the world feel more realized? Like to just expand on what G/S/C/HG/SS’s post game did. It doesn’t need to be a proper open world, it’s more about having that ultimate Pokemon experience where you can go wherever in addition to things like pokemon following/amie/camp. Maybe even travel companions to be more like the anime, either you can customize random NPCs, or you could choose out of the characters you’ve befriended along the way. There can be lots of little scenes like when you’re riding the train with Hop. <3

Maybe you choose what region you want to start in, then you can get on a ship halfway through your gym challenge to go to a new region? Like what Ash does in the anime- If you look at the pokemap, the regions up to Sinnoh can all fit nicely into Japan, and places like Unova/Alola/etc probably also have counterparts, probably. Maybe they’ve stopped doing that recently, I’m not sure.

…Pft. Sorry for the big comment out of nowhere.