Pokémon Rumble Developer Ambrella Has Been Acquired And Dissolved By Creatures Inc. – Nintendo Life

Ambrella, the Japanese studio behind a number of spin-off Pokémon titles, has been fully acquired by Creatures Inc., it’s been confirmed.

Pokémon fans will know Ambrella for its work on the Pokémon Rumble series, GameCube’s Pokémon Channel, and N64’s Hey You, Pikachu! among other titles in the franchise, but 2019’s Pokémon Rumble Rush will be its last game. The acquisition actually took place towards the end of last year; an official announcement states that Creatures will gain all property rights of Ambrella’s work and that the studio will be dissolved as a result.

Creatures is a development studio which has always been closely linked to The Pokémon Company, founded by Pokémon president Tsunekazu Ishihara and then-president of HAL Laboratory, Satoru Iwata. Creatures has developed a number of Pokémon titles over the years, as well as the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

It’s currently unclear how the acquisition will affect the future of the Pokémon Rumble series, which saw five games launch over the course of a decade from 2009 – 2019. The last entry, the always-online Pokémon Rumble Rush, was actually shut down last summer.

Only the first two Pokémon Rumble Games really mattered to me. The first Game on WiiWare was a blast in Multiplayer, since everyone could understand the Gameplay immediately. There wasn’t much substance, but it was fun in short bursts.

The secend Game on 3DS had a much stronger Focus on Single Player and added a lot off stuff, that made it well suited for Handheld Gaming.

Pokémon Rumble U was okay, but got dull really fast, because every Level was just a small Arena. Surprisingly Pokémon Rumble World wasn’t that bad, if you’re playing the Retail Version. Free to Play doesn’t really work for this Series and pretty much killed it, in my opinion.

I would love to play a new Pokémon Rumble Game, that would expand on the Ideas of the first two Games.

@RupeeClock You don’t need to grind Meowth very often. You can get most of your coins and items just by doing daily check-ins, playing the bi-weekly contests, the bi-weekly Escalation Battles, the weekly money and experience stages, and the bi-monthly item stages. I get by fine by playing only about 10-15 stages a day, and the gameplay itself is pretty fun, so a limited amount of grinding isn’t bad, anyway.