Persona 5 Strikers Is Coming To Western Switch Consoles In February 2021 – Nintendo Life

Hell yes.

I played the demo for this game on Switch, and its excellent. And it looks good and runs well on Switch, too. Some jagged edges, but even the PS4 version had some jagged edges (even if not as prominent).

Been waiting a LONG TIME for Persona to come back to portables. And for the first time ever, the series debuts on a hybrid HD handheld. Thank God for Switch. I had to buy Persona 4 Dancing on Vita and PS4 for $100+ in total, and still had no cross save.

I’ll be buying day one on Switch, and buying later on Steam in a sale just to support this franchise going multiplat.

Theres not much to get a handle on. It was originally a spinoff from Shin Megami Tensei series, which involved apocalyptic scenarios borrowing heavily from the Bible and some other religions. You would fight demons by recruiting them to build a team, kind of like Pokemon but R rated.

Persona has now become it’s own thing but is more light hearted with social relationship aspects being a focus. Teenagers at school who go into the Shadow world and fight shadows, many of which are the same demons from SMT. That’s essentially Persona in a nutshell.

You can expect similar themes and plot points for this game. Theyll likely bounce back and forth between their high school life (although this takes place during summer I heard?) and their night life in the shadow world.

Itll likely be it’s own side story of events (sequentially taking place after Persona 5 timeline wise, but having no real significant link to that story, since it was already wrapped up and concluded in the main game, aside from the characters and the fact they go into the shadow world). Gameplay is a mix between Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity and traditional Persona JRPG gameplay. You still encounter enemies in dungeons, it still triggers encounter fights fought separately, but they’re real time now. It doesnt really play like a Warriors game, though the action combat is similar.