Persona 5 Strikers Expected To Be Officially Revealed For The West Next Week – Nintendo Life

Yes, that’s right, according to an unlisted Atlus YouTube video, Persona 5 Strikers is getting a western release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC next year on 23rd February.

So when is Atlus planning on sharing this news? According to a teaser over on Twitter, all will be revealed next week:

This reveal is obviously expected to feature the same trailer and release date.

As noted yesterday, a western version of Persona 5 Strikers had been previously hinted at thanks to the appearance of an English-language version on the sites of several Asia-based online retailers.

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Yeah thousands upon thousands loved TMS. While it’s obviously not as popular as Persona, it still has fans. Yes it was marketed poorly and not what people were expected, but it was still a great game. In fact, TMS was the game that got me into both SMT and FE.

Because of that game, I went ahead and bought Three Houses (my new favorite RPG) and now I’m excitedly waiting on SMT 3 and SMT 5 for next year. Atlus needs to bring more games to the Switch. Not everyone owns a PS4. And I’m not very interested in Persona (unless the Switch version of this game contains stuff related to TMS), so I’m waiting to see what else they bring over.

I fully believe a port is coming. If there was no way it could come they would not lead us on asking in surveys and the rep would never have said to keep asking for it. The rep is apparently still around and not been fired so they didn’t reply without precedent.

Sony has no power over the Persona franchise since they do not own the IP. Sega, which owns Atlus, is needing a big injection of cash flow and a port of a well received game that consumers are telling them they would buy it is honestly a no brainer. Simple supply and demand. The demand for P5/R is high on Switch. There is currently no supply of it on Switch. Ergo porting it will meet demand and net sizable bandage for a hemorrhaging company!

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