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Biggest problems it has is the combat being designed with a over reliance on countering when mistiming will end up either a a 1/2 or 1/4 of your hp taken away by even damn near every enemy. I know this a problem with all Star Wars games but this one has the most true to film looking graphics and presentation so it really feels frustrating that hitting any enemy from some lowly space animal to a stormtrooper with a lightsaber is barely registered by them beyond a slight flinch and HP lowering and usually the impact when they attack the player is much much severe, their attacks always seem to have higher priority over your own and will quickly home into you mid attack to make dodging useless, they put in all these giant optimal boss monsters that have the same high priority leaping attacks that are a near instant kill while all you can wittle way at their health bar, it wants to be a From game but you don’t have the build options and items you can use where you have many many ways for dealing with a boss like that.

They also copy pasted the From checkpoint system while knowing load times after death can take up to a minute on consoles which makes dying even worse and doesn’t leave room for practice when you’re having to stare at a screen for a minute so I imagine this and the constant hitches that even BC on PS5/XB won’t fix are the reasons they’re making a free dedicated nextgen upgrade to them

@nessisonett was it the Xbox/PS3 version or the Wii version? Surprisingly, the Wii version is a lot more fun. The waggle is fine and it is a lot easier to control force powers with the wiimote and nunchuck (picking up stormtroopers with the force and throwing them into the Death Star’s beam never gets old!).

The levels are better as well; it’s not so easy to get lost and the addition of the three levels in the Jedi temple are much more interesting than some of the levels in the Xbox version. The only thing you need to look past is the graphics. The opening cutscene at first made me think I was playing a PS2 game (which it is a port of) but I soon forgot about it and just enjoyed the combat and searching for collectibles. I have played through both versions and the Wii version is much more fun.

Mostly though I just want to experience the whole game and story. It’s been a great ride so far with lots of modern Tomb Raider/Unchartered like exploration. I love big story driven ‘movie-esk’ games like this.